Children who were not born: why stars had to regret the abortion

Дети, которые не родились: почему звездам пришлось пожалеть об аборте Many popular women in his younger years, had to abandon the kids and go for an operation for abortion. The cruel world of show business sometimes leaves no other choice. Deciding on abortion, they keep a terrible secret for many years, at once to admit publicly how sorry I am about the mistakes of youth. “StarHit” decided to tell about the most famous of them.
Дети, которые не родились: почему звездам пришлось пожалеть об аборте

Lubov Uspenskaya

Famous singer Lyubov Uspenskaya nearly half a century concealed a terrible secret. For the mistake a celebrity has made at a young age, as recognized by the star herself, she paid for several decades.

At the age of 16 she fell in love with a man nearly twice her age and got pregnant. To be a mother then the assumption could not have decided to have an abortion. After the surgery, the doctors told her that she had twins. Many years later, when the singer got married, she gave birth to twins. By a tragic coincidence, the children were born prematurely and died. Then the star suffered terribly. She was aware that it would – not that other, as a punishment for a mistake of youth.

It’s been almost 46 years before the singer was able to speak openly about abortion. Recognition has occurred in the program, Lera Kudryavtseva “the Secret to a million.” Then Ouspensky said that your sin atoned for. In the fourth marriage she had a daughter Tanya. A celebrity is still considered the birth of a child the greatest gift.

“Today I as if freed from something tormenting me, – confessed celebrity. But I didn’t just agree to this answer. I wish nobody made such errors. So they won’t hurt for what they’ve done that.”

Natalia Gulkin

First pregnancy Natalia Gulkin also occurred at a very young age. The girl was 15 years old when she met her first love. After a year, they have learned that they have a baby. Oddly enough, Natalia was not going to have an abortion. Didn’t push her this man. The decision for a future pop star took her family. Natalya’s mother was convinced that to give birth to a daughter earlier.

“I didn’t dilemmas, to leave him or not, because we were in love with. Of course, I was scared. At first I did not understand when did these natural physiological processes, such as nausea and vomiting. In General, there was no doubt whatsoever. But my mother said flatly: “No.” Although by Serezha’s mother Seraphim, on the contrary, spoke: “Let’s leave, I will help,” – said in an interview with a celebrity.

Today, pop stars have two children. Son Natalia gave birth in 20 years, being married to her first husband Nicholas Gulkin. Daughter Jan was born, the singer’s marriage to her third husband, when she was already 35 years old.

Elena Proklova

Recently openly spoke about abortion another celebrity presenter Elena Proklova. She has endured in her life four scary surgery. First star became pregnant at age 17, when she married. Then grandma literally forcibly took her to a gynecologist.

Дети, которые не родились: почему звездам пришлось пожалеть об аборте

Later, after the divorce, teledive had an affair with actor Oleg Yankovsky. The woman knew that her lover was married and didn’t want to break someone else’s family. What again is in a position Prokopova understand child birth is impossible. Elena your sin atoned for in full. When she remarried, her dreams about children not fated to come true. Married to Alexander Deryabin she gave birth to twins. The kids died. The family was unable to survive this tragedy and soon the couple parted. Another celebrity pregnancy ended in miscarriage. When, finally, the presenter gave birth to a daughter Arina, she could not believe his luck. It seemed to her that the charge for dead in his youth, unborn children will haunt her forever.

Laima Vaikule

Famous singer, double-dared at abortion, openly admits that this was a big mistake. Today celebrity sincerely urges everyone to refuse such a withdrawal. After all, she knows firsthand what the consequences are.

For the first time about his interesting position of lime found in the early career. Sacrificing the career of the singer could not have postponed for some time the joy of motherhood. Daring the operation, Vaikule was convinced that the children they will have.

The same compelled her and husband, when the star was pregnant again. Then she was at the peak of popularity and the man offered to abandon the show business in the name of the child. The third birth, the singer was not. Realizing in adulthood that this cross I have to bear until the end of his life, the scientist turned to the priest to bless her child through adoption. However it is strictly stated that the childlessness is her payback for past mistakes, and raising someone else’s child is not the solution.

Maria Aronova

Maria Aronova also openly spoke about the abortion she had to do in his youth. Then the budding actress already had at the hands of a small child. In that difficult period she had virtually no role and the financial position left much to be desired. The news of her second pregnancy, as claimed by Aronova was clearly not the time.

The young woman decided to give up the baby. Especially with the father she hasn’t spoken. As later admitted in an interview with the artist, this decision has given her a very hard time.

“I came home from the hospital, sat by the crib of the son and thought, “I just killed the same…” If this moment I could briefly become a man, I would know exactly how to play Raskolnikov,” said Aronov.

The pain of a mistake began to subside only after the time, when the celebrity gave birth to her second child – daughter Seraphim.

Svetlana Permyakova

Svetlana Permyakova, too, openly talking about abortion, when gave birth to her only daughter Barbara. As in the case with many colleagues, the actress refused the joys of motherhood for a career. Then Permyakov was young, he worked in theater and was fond only of his profession. Later, one after another pregnancy much joy brought.

“I was pregnant twice and twice had an abortion. Was young and stupid, refused the possibility of becoming a mother. Then I explained that what is needed in the theatre where I got an interesting job. Am I sorry? Why regret?” recalled in an interview Permyakova.

Patricia Kaas

World-renowned French singer Patricia Kaas less fortunate. After refusing several times from the joys of motherhood in her youth, she was never able to know her.

Today celebrity 50 years. She is not married and has no children. Several times in the interview, the star admitted that each of her pregnancy was a mistake. Maybe a woman and have a child, but she didn’t like any of those men, who drove her fate.

Дети, которые не родились: почему звездам пришлось пожалеть об аборте“I never took the decision to give birth. My body made the decision for me. Many times I have become pregnant against their will. Each time it caught me off guard, I panic. Like, my stomach becomes independent, he decides to do something that I was not going to do. When this happened, I never was in such a deep state of love to want children. In addition to my profession. Everything else is open to question. Commitments scare me. As if everything is lost in advance. I don’t trust life, or rather, trust her less. Every time I made the decision and never wavered,” said in an interview with the singer.

Catherine Deneuve

Another famous Frenchwoman Catherine Deneuve was at the forefront of change in France, when in the 70s the decision on the legalization of abortion. She was one of the 343 women who in 1971 signed a petition to allow abortions. Later, the actress admitted that experienced a double horror. The decision to get rid of the baby was painful. To it is added a mixture of a ban on abortion and its popularity.

“I went through this experience four years before abortion became legal. For public women, it was doubly difficult, because this fact has always been a “hidden area” which is kept in fear. Then the ban seemed monstrous. I painfully accepted that my decision someone else had to authorize, because it is a natural human right,” recalled in an interview with Deneuve.