Children Utyasheva and Will not similar to each other

Дети Утяшевой и Воли не похожи между собой The presenter told us how to look like her son and daughter. Laysan utiasheva and Pavel Volya raise two heirs, Robert and Sophia. But their offspring they try to hide from prying eyes and not show their faces. The fans still don’t know how the kids.

      Дети Утяшевой и Воли не похожи между собой

      Popular TV presenter Laysan utiasheva and showman Paul Will now raise two children. The eldest son Robert came to light almost three years ago – in may 2013, and the youngest daughter a few days ago was a year old. Celebrity couple trying to protect their heirs from the scrutiny of the press and so far not demonstrated their babies. Fans look forward to when I see celebrity kids to understand, for someone like Robert and Sophia. Rosie decided to satisfy the curiosity of the public, but did not show pictures of children, and described their children.

      “Son of a dark – complexioned, blue-eyed, with light, like Pasha’s hair. He’s mad handsome. And now starts to look like what I dreamed of all my life – the dimple on the cheek, as my mother – said TV presenter. – Sofia – bead. Blonde hair, like Pasha, black eyes, high cheekbones, face is very neat nose, and eyelashes black, fluffy and long – reach eyebrow”.

      Also, the presenter noted that her son and daughter are absolutely not similar to each other externally. Their character, too, is different, but one thing unites them – both very cheerful. Now parents try to do everything for the heirs to develop versatile individuals. Utyasheva, as distinguished athlete, I’m glad that now Robert loves swimming and is involved with professional coach that I admire the abilities of the boy.

      “Robert is less than three years, and he swims underwater like a fish. Twenty-five meters swims, not surfacing. Once breathed in, and off you go. I didn’t specifically did, to the pool it is not driven, he with the Pope as something began to swim, and he loved it,” shared Utyasheva.

      Also little Robert became a real fan of his dad, especially the kid admires his musical creations. The presenter told us that the road to the English school that the boy attends, he is always asking to include the track “I dance”, who recorded the Will. Laysan surprised that the son so loved this song.

      “Pasha boasts: “This is the best appraisal of my work!” – Utyasheva said in an interview with “7 days”.

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