Children Pugacheva and Galkin staged a crazy race in the castle

Дети Пугачевой и Галкина устроили сумасшедшие гонки в замке The diva has shared some new video clips of twins. Alla Pugacheva pleased subscribers short clip, the protagonists of which were Lisa and Harry. The heirs of the Divas go on a four-wheeled bike in one of the rooms houses a huge star.

      Make new page in the social network, Alla Pugacheva begins to gradually fill the cheerful commercials featuring the twins Lisa and Harry. The kids are already big enough and famous show mom your talents. In the short video clips users of the social network can see how a brother and sister active and Groovy.

      In one of the new posts of the prima Donna’s son Harry tries himself in the role of pianist. Curly-haired boy is about synth and presses the button that help to make the melody less monotonous. Subscribers Pugacheva think of the boy growing the future composer. “Growing artist”, “ready pen, and a sense of rhythm, all right,” “Young Mozart”, “Harry is incredibly charming boy, like his mother,” said the followers of the singer.

      In the second video Pugacheva showed how Lisa and Harry have fun in your nursery. The parents allowed the twins to ride bikes indoor. This is probably due to the fact that the children were sick, so their mom and dad are afraid to leave the twins to run around outside in the winter time. In the video Harry shouts: “Full speed ahead”, and then drives in a circle. His sister could barely keep up with him on his four-wheeled pink bike. Users “Instagram” note that the son is very like her father, Maxim Galkin.

      From an early age Pugacheva tries to instill in their children a love for creativity. According to the environment of the prima Donna, daughter Lisa has already made the first successes in the vocals, sometimes singing along to the mother during her home rehearsals. In turn, Maxim took the heirs on TV “Maxim-Maxim”. According to websi when Harry and Lisa grows up, he is going to create a show where they become the main characters.

      Spouse Pugacheva sometimes allows the twins much more than the singer herself. “And he always melts when the son and daughter next. Spoil them in every way – is Lisa and Harry just ask and assumed his eyes, he had all ready. Sometimes, a wife returning late from the event, it’s a no-no and blame that cartoons children sit and watch more of time and does not sleep punctually,” – said the godmother of Harry and girlfriend Diva Mila Stavitskaya. Wooden wedding: as Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin solve family quarrels