Children Pugacheva and Galkin opened his theater

Дети Пугачевой и Галкина открыли свой театр The heirs of the prima Donna gave an incredible adventure. Harry and Lisa dressed in costumes of fairytale characters, Pinocchio and Malvina. The kids had to find a gift for one of the doors of his house.

Four-year-old children Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin got into a little adventure in his castle. My parents came up to Lisa and Harry the assignment of finding a theatre. Star dad Maxim Galkin, laid out in Instagram video,in which the heirs are looking for the door to open the Golden key.

“Scroll! The incredible adventures of Buratino and Malvina in two parts. One after another – enough to turn the page the magic finger experienced subscriber!” – signed video a happy father.

The spot was filmed a Diva, she also helped to find a surprise for Harry and Lisa. “Here, open the hidden door. Yay! Call loudly, call! We must turn to the wise cricket,” advises the star mother.

“What’s behind this door? There’s also a magical theatre in which you will act!” – notes over Alla.

“What a beauty here!” – surprised the kids.

In the end, the search for a secret door, behind which is the theatre, was a success. Harry and Lisa truly picked up the key and admired the unexpected gift from his parents.

Maxim Galkin and Alla Pugacheva often spread touching the rollers in “Instagram” with the participation of the kids. Fans of the family are closely watching the progress of the celebrities. For example, Alla Borisovna has told users on the Network, what gifts she gave Harry and Lisa. Brother and sister blessed mother figurines of flower and tree from clay.

Maxim Galkin recently made a video, which caught daughter for the adult class. Lisa painted her lips, asked my father to help to clasp the earring and kept secrets from mom. “Oh, these girls! Feel, after a certain number of years, I as a father have a serious conversation with them. I now theoretically not very happy”, – shared with subscribers of the artist.