Дети Пугачевой и Галкина взорвали Сеть своими танцами Diva is not so often shares with followers photos and videos from the personal archive. Fans always look forward to when the artist publishes photos of your favorite heirs. This time Alla Pugacheva pleased with the shots on which babies rhythmically rock in the cheerful music. Followers have reacted violently to what he saw.

      Three heirs of Alla Pugacheva has already secured its status as one of the most popular children of celebrities. For the life of the twins Lisa and Harry, closely watched by thousands of fans of the family Pugacheva. They leave in microblogs diva and her husband Maxim Galkin touching comments that Express admiration for how quickly children grow and how they are moving. Followers repeatedly hinted that at such an early age in the children of the stars already evident creativity.

      Kids in the Net: star kids, whose photos and videos have become hits on the Internet

      The singer decided to share a funny video in which Lisa danced to a popular song. The girl tries to move as graceful and includes in the statement all your imagination. Subscribers noticed that the baby feels the rhythm, understand how better to apply themselves and tries to show the acting skills to the dance was really bright. They believe that if parents will be engaged in her creative education, it will quickly Eclipse all of the pop stars.

      “Alla, in the movements of Lisa see, whose daughter she is! You become an example for many, in defiance of the stereotypes! More such!”, “Beautiful and talented parents – talented! Wish You happiness and health!”, “Artist. While small! A small photocopier to your mom,” wrote a follower.

      Most members concurred that the girl was totally and completely copies the behavior of the star mother. Someone noticed that during the dance Lisa is running out of legs in the same manner as the diva. Some came to the conclusion that it can be a real star, just like it happened to Christina Aguilera.

      Alla Borisovna was not limited to dancing, the younger heiress. She has also published a video in which a son of Harry trying to be inherent in this creativity. Like a sister, he moves rapidly, trying to catch every sound heard. Obviously, he was pleased that the mother removes the performance on the phone, so he makes every effort to ensure that the dance was very interesting.

      “Not far behind big SIS! Umnichka”, “What is plastic and not held down! Growing cool change!”, “Alla, thank you for the joy! Artistic guy!”, “It grows serious competition to all those who are now on stage”, “If he’ll sing like a mother and father, then everything will go crazy,” he left enthusiastic comments followers.