Дети прославленной фигуристки Ирины Родниной подверглись травле Inspired by the example of his son Alexander, three-time Olympic champion Irina Rodnina also participated in the online project “Time to go back.” She spoke about the challenges her family faced in America and Russia.
Дети прославленной фигуристки Ирины Родниной подверглись травле

According to Irina Konstantinovna, to leave for permanent residence in the States has pushed unemployment in Russia in the late 80s – early 90s In the US Rodnina made an offer – work coach in the International figure skating center in lake arrowhead, near Los Angeles. The woman almost immediately agreed.

“The contract was signed quietly, – says the athlete. – The truth, thought that will not release from the country at us such practice was not. But after two months they called me and said, “All ready!” Nowhere to go! Besides, at that moment I was not working. I very tactfully asked, said: “After the birth of a second child better tackle motherhood, and that this feeling will never feel!” And here is the contract. So this unexpected Scam has been very useful”.

After moving to America, Irina Konstantinovna has started to cooperate with sports celebrities. Her colleagues were Italian skater Carlo Fassi, American figure skating coach Frank Carroll… In recognition of the athletes, despite their popularity and position on the streets it is still little known. Popularity didn’t help when Irina had problems with the law.

“Every year I received letters that included a 3% dangerous drivers in California. Me three times stripped of their rights. But in the States have this feature, Yes, you can deprive a driver’s license, but in court you can bring them back. If you can prove that the car is the only way to get to work, and urban transport are not near,” says the celebrity.

In the ten years that Rodnina had lived in the United States, she continued to build a career. However, the love of Russia has not disappeared. More Irina Konstantinovna missed the peculiarities of the Russian mentality. For example, the crush in the stores.

The woman is still a shame that she is considered a traitor of the Motherland.

“I always flew to the capital, but 3-4 times a year. Then it became more and more often. This: “but I’m back!” – I didn’t like the thought that had gone forever. And I accuse,” says Irina Konstantinovna.

Portion of criticism was also given to the children of the stars – a son Alexander and a daughter Alena. Fans of Irina Konstantinovna outraged that a figure skating coach, having returned, made his money in Russia and spend it on education of the American heirs.

“Get out there and experience to come here – more buzz. We have the task that the country was not closed and held integration into the world space. And I was in the back shouting: “You over there!” Listen, my children studied and lived in America, not state money. I from anybody did not steal anything. Here, our athletes decided to go to the Olympics under a neutral flag, so we have some people screaming that they are traitors, not patriots. Now what? Everyone loved it! Yes, praise the winners say: “How cool that they went!”

Despite the barrage of negative reviews, the skater does not hold grudges on Internet critics.

“We have a lot to learn. I must admit that somewhere we are still in the beginning, it has already surpassed [other countries], but somewhere in the middle of the road. Therefore, it is impossible to clearly say: “Close, nobody to blame!” I wouldn’t do it. Such an act can be broken. For example, if a young person does not see here in Russia, their way is bad. So we have to change something in the country to the younger generation such thoughts do not arise,” – said Irina Rodnina.