Children of Ryan Reynolds and Blake lively made a splash

Дети Райана Рейнольдса и Блейк Лайвли произвели фурор
Hollywood couple for the first time, displaying his two daughters.

Blake lively and Ryan Reynolds


Blake lively and Ryan Reynolds have finally introduced their daughters to the public. First of a couple of very carefully guarded his personal life from unnecessary attention, so the appearance of the star couple with children at the opening of the stars on “Alley of fame” was a real gift for their fans. Surprisingly, prior to the first official appearance of Ryan and Blake overseas paparazzi failed to make almost no pictures of their children. Moreover, journalists have still not learned the name of the youngest daughter of the couple, born in the end of September.

The funny thing is that the successor has taken all the attention of the gathered audience at the opening ceremony of star Ryan. The eldest daughter of Hollywood actor — year-old James is not shy about crowds of people and at some point, even the Pope took the microphone. However, Reynolds managed to say the words of gratitude sounded in the first place his wife. “I want to thank my wife Blake, who is here and who is everything to me. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me. You gave me the two most incredible children!” — said Ryan.

By the way, Blake, however, as always, looked amazing. Immediately after the birth of second daughter, the actress has been recovering its shape. She sat on a special diet and made with the famous Hollywood coach special training program. By the way, thanks to this fitness instructor lively started filming just two months after the birth of James.