Дети Полины Гагариной стали жертвами вируса
The singer told about the “sore”.

Polina Gagarina

Photo: @gagara1987 (Instagram Polina Gagarina)

In the spring especially actively spread viruses. Now the capital of “raging” another seasonal disease. Many residents of the capital have been ill, others have been showing symptoms of the virus. Polina Gagarina told that her children were victims of the spreading “contagion”. The singer complained that she didn’t know how to help families. She dreams that her family gets better.

“Let this virus will retreat, especially from my children and then I’ll be perfectly happy!” — admitted Gagarin. Also, the singer wished her fans to be healthy and gave advice on what measures should be taken to not to join the ranks of the diseased. “Take care of your health, eat your vitamins and, even if it seems that it is spring and warmer, keep your clothes on!” — recommends artist.

By the way, recently about this same virus told Irena Ponaroshku. Although she and her family overwinters in Thailand, “Russia”, the virus has gotten to them. Husband of TV presenter went on a trip where he brought his wife and six year old son Seraphim in Asia “gift” in the form of high temperature for a few days. “Only my husband could bring with touring in addition to gifts, children’s books, seeds and buckwheat, bonus furious virus! The entire family fell ill for three days with a temperature of 38-39, terrible cough, headaches and night nonsense. I now long to be able to look at ginger-lemon tea.For all who are sick with this shit for a speedy recovery!” — said the other day in social networks Irene.