Дети Павла Воли приготовили ему сюрприз ко дню рождения The kids are engaged in creative work under the supervision of mothers. They decided to Express their creativity. Today Pavel Volya celebrates 37th birthday.

      Дети Павла Воли приготовили ему сюрприз ко дню рождения

      Today, a popular showman and a resident of Comedy Club Pavel Volya celebrates 37th birthday. For this solemn event, the family comedian decided to arrange a surprise. Wife of Paul, a famous gymnast and TV presenter Laysan utiasheva showed which gift was prepared for the day his son Robert. Video wife showed how diligent their son displays a picture for my dad.

      “Dad, happy birthday! We want you to be happy,” he signed video the wife of the showman. Fans with affection watching a small video segment that was published by utiasheva, and noted how lucky the showman that he has a family. “You say that this is the greatest joy! Happy birthday to your daddy”, “10 times in a row looked. Such a beauty!”, “Great family,” gushed subscribers.

      Video published Laysan utiasheva (@liasanutiasheva) Mar 14 2016 2:35 PDT

      I must say that Paul and Laysan older two children – two-year-old Robert and 10-month-old Sophia. Paul doted in his son and daughter and tries to make them feel loved and happy. So, 37-year-old showman is ready for children to tolerate changes in their appearance. Recently Paul grew a mustache and, despite the brickbats of fans who refused to shave them. He explained that the vegetation on the face very like his children. But after a while Laysan has published a video in which little Robert is a confident machine and shaves mustache dad.

      It is interesting that, despite the constant workload of both Laysan and Paul, celebrities try all the free time to spend with family. But sometimes a couple allows themselves to arrange a romantic trip. On Valentine’s day the couple flew to Barcelona. “We are in the city, which is associated with the most romantic memories for our couples there and enjoying the celebration of love, – told “StarHit” Laysan. – For us, Pasha is Barcelona. There we love just to walk around the streets, being cold on the benches, to run the cozy cafe and drink hot mulled wine. I wish you as often as possible to make surprises and loved to give each other happiness and smiles. Let it happens more than once a year”.

      But about the gift, which gave the form to her spouse, Paul, not yet reported. Recall that a couple of years ago utiasheva said that the Will presented motorcycle “Harley Davidson”.

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