Дети Мурата Насырова пытаются его вспомнить From the day the sudden death of the famous singer ten years have passed. The news of the death Nasyrov was for his entourage real blow. Family, friends and colleagues of the music stars every year, we gather in his house to remember the artist.

      Дети Мурата Насырова пытаются его вспомнить

      This year marks the tenth anniversary of the death of Murat Nasyrov. Reporters contacted the family of a celebrity on the eve of the tragic anniversary, to learn about how their life has developed after the loss of a loved one. The mother of the singer Hatira admits that he does not stop to think about it. An elderly woman does not believe that her son committed suicide. Parent stars told that Nasyrov was a lot of plans – he was going to legalize the relationship with his beloved Natalia, as well as go on tour abroad. Hatira Niyazova denies the rumors that Murat had used drugs.

      The family has fulfilled the cherished dream of Murat Nasyrov

      Beloved Nasyrov Natalia lives in the same apartment as before. The woman has two children – Leah and Mayor. Natalia said that after death there was nothing to alter. In the Studio, Murat now do his successors. The widow of celebrities for a living, giving lectures to students, while also working in a dance orchestra Sergei Mazaeva.

      Дети Мурата Насырова пытаются его вспомнить

      Natalia said she was trying to cultivate children’s interest in the case of Murat. However, the lia, despite its ability to art and decided to study Economics. But her brother is seriously interested in playing the saxophone. According to the woman, the Mayor also became more likely to ask about the father. Teen tries to fill the gaps in memory.

      “The Mayor still have vivid memories of his father, but in fragments: for example, as they played together in football, as dad smiled, joked as walked with him. Now the Governor, more interested in the father as a person. Asked about his character, how we met, what music did…” – said Natalia.

      Recall that the 37-year-old Murat Nasyrov died in the night from 19 to 20 January 2007. The singer fell from the balcony of his apartment, located in Timiryazevskiy district. It is still unclear whether it was an accident, suicide, or the artist who helped to leave the light on. According to one version, Nasyrov abused drugs after the death of the other guitarist, “A-Studio” Baghlan Sadvakasova. However, the relatives of Murat deny his passion for banned substances. According to them, Nasyrov was unstable mental state. The widow of the artist has told to “Komsomolskaya Pravda” on the eve of the tragedy he experienced euphoria. The musician has written a new song and wanted to go with her to Eurovision.