Children of Madonna are not allowed in her apartment

Детей Мадонны не пускают в ее апартаменты
The singer wants to sue the owner of the building.



58-year-old Madonna has filed a lawsuit against
the owner of a luxury building, located on the 64-th Street in
New York, which are owned by her apartment. The singer claims
that the landlord violated her rights by prohibiting family members and employees
to visit her own housing in the absence of the pop star. This was announced
Internet site Page Six.

Singer acquired this house two
“apartments” nearby. And the first one I bought 12 years ago. So
during this time the owner of the building could
make sure that neither she nor any of her household members does not violate the rules
hostel. Moreover, as noted by the lawyer of the singer, the owners are well aware that
Madonna — touring world class star and she is often missing.

However, the owners of the building warned her that
prohibit the presence of any of her offspring (that is, 19-year-old Lourdes,
16-Rocco, 10-year-old mercy and 11-year-old David) in an apartment when she’s gone
explaining his claim that it is supposedly somehow interferes with the other tenants
of the building. And the owners not only did not want to see children in his house alone, but
objected even against the fact that they lived here in the care of a babysitter.

Madonna’s lawyer, filed a lawsuit on behalf of
singer, said that such a requirement is absolutely absurd and illegal,
as “the owner of the property may use his property so,
as it sees fit, and does not intend to accept such a position.” Besides,
according to recent reports, the owners have recently made changes to the code
rules residents, allowing them to make such demands without
pre-Madonna fame, which also is unconditional violation.

This lawsuit will be the second trial
Madonna during the year. The first case is about the custody of my son — it is, as has been reported,
lost. So Rocco, who now lives with his father guy Ritchie in London, now in any case
will appear in the new York star’s house soon.