Дети Юлии Такшиной рыбачат и доят корову

Stars of the series “Not born beautiful” Yuliya Takshina and Gregory Antipenko gave to his sons Ivan and Fedor’s childhood, which is very different from that carried out most of the city’s children. This was told Yulia in a recent interview.

According to Tacchini, her children spent the summer in Montenegro. Here, in the small fishing village of boys not only swim and play, but also vegetables, fish and even milk a cow.
This year Fedor will go to the first class and the van and came in third. Earlier in this village they lived for six months with parents of Julia, but now at their disposal only the summer.
“The boys go fishing with real fishermen. We live in a fishing village where all are engaged in this fishery. Ivan and Fyodor you see how difficult it gets all its inhabitants. The boys Wake up at six am daily to go with the fishermen to cast their nets, and I’m not kidding when I say this” — told Takshina.
Milk the cow boys at first feared, but mom convinced them that if you do not, no milk to be seen. So, overcoming his fear, they began to milk large horned animal. In addition, eating them and your own vegetable garden, which the boys tended to grow cucumbers, tomatoes and other vegetables.
About the village learned Grigory Antipenko, father of Vani and Fedi. After some discussion, the parents decided that the best holiday for children ever. Since then they have been here already for a few years rented housing in this village, however, admitted Yulia, are going in the future to move to a larger city.
Got them and their Metropolitan friends. In this village on the advice of friends and moved Olga Lomonosova, also star of the TV series “Not born beautiful”. Every summer she rests here with her husband Pavel Safonov and daughters Varya and Sasha.

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