Children of Eugene Tsyganov still don’t know what their father left

Дети Евгения Цыганова ещё не знают, что отец их бросил

Former civil wife of Russian actor Yevgeny Tsyganov, Irina Leonova, who bore him seven children, literally torn between work and mother duties. While children, the youngest of whom is not a year, looked after by the nanny, cleaning the house, cooking, doing homework with children. Irina herself busy in the theater, picked up tutoring and was even able to remove four-room apartment closer to work.

Sources close to Leonova, reported that the actress did not dare to tell their children that father have another family now. Questions about dad Irina replies that he is too busy at work and rarely at home.
Eugene visits them infrequently, but regularly transfer money to their contents. Trying to earn herself Irina. She gives private acting lessons and plays in the theater. All his spare time Leonov was giving the children, plays with them, and at night reads the story.
In everyday life children also help to Irina, the older look after the younger, help with cleaning and cooking. On the former civil wife Irina offense. She believes “the highest measure of irresponsibility to make on the side of another child, already having seven”. And although meetings of Eugene with the kids she does, she tries not to see him.
Artistic Director of the Maly theatre Yuri Solomin said that after the scandal Irina asked him again to let her on stage. It was her salvation in this situation, her straw.
“She is a very courageous person and a talented actress. But her husband.. He is a good actor, but as a person.. I have no respect for such people.. Not from hearsay I know that his parents help Irina more than he did” — said Yuri.
After Eugene left her for another, many began to ask Irina why she give birth to a lot from a man who even married her.
“Zhenya and I both wanted a large family. It was a mutual desire. Wanted to live together to old age,” said Leonov. Who could tell her then that favorite man so betray her.