Дети Бориса Немцова: «Папа снится нам живым и веселым» The well-known politician tragically died at the end of February 2015. Boris Nemtsov was killed while walking in the center of Moscow. Anton and Dean, who do not cease to remember its parent, said “StarHit” the lessons and the habits of the father.
Дети Бориса Немцова: «Папа снится нам живым и веселым»

The policy did not three years ago – he was shot on the evening of 27 February, on the Big Moskvoretsky bridge. Six months were required the investigating authorities to find and convict the killers. But the triumph of justice are unable to relieve pain 22-year-old Anthony and 15-year-old Dina Nemtsov, children Boris and businesswoman Catherine Odintsovo. “We all miss him. Remember every day, regardless of the date, he often have” – recognized as “StarHit” the heirs.

About gratitude

Anton: “Dad had a lot to teach. First and foremost, that the basis of all – honesty with oneself and the world. And most importantly – are not afraid of difficulties and be persistent. Due to this as I became a student of MIPT. Dad coached me for exams: together we solved problems in physics, I’m constantly surprised by how much he knows and remembers, though no longer in science. Proud of my selection to enroll in this institution was his dream that did not come true: he didn’t want to leave from Nizhny Novgorod and in the end, where he graduated the faculty of Radiophysics state University. I’m sorry that father didn’t see me get a diploma.

Dad instilled the habit to schedule the time schedule of actions, distributing workload, called it the “art of small steps”.Helped to overcome the fear of disaster – to learn to windsurf. We chose the place with the strong wind, high waves.
Дети Бориса Немцова: «Папа снится нам живым и веселым»

For him, the comfort was unimportant, he always felt his strength and was glad that I share his hobby. After my father died, I quit riding on the Board – was interesting and even sad. Recently resumed playing chess helps to develop strategic and tactical thinking. The rules of the game explained to my dad when I was five years old. Then I even participated in city competitions and got third rank.

He did not forbade us from sister, but is always told about the possible consequences of any step. I and Dean can discuss all the plans and talk about things, knowing that you will get an honest assessment”.

Dina: “From my father I inherited a sense of purpose, humanity and independence. He explained that the need to find a vocation and grow in the chosen direction, after all life belongs only to me, and I don’t have to meet anyone’s expectations. Dad taught the ability to think independently. He liked my craving for serious literature, he did a lot of reading. I have a few of his favorite books, for example, “history of the Russian state” Karamzin. Said that this work is a must read for every Russian. Dad was never strict with me. Happy went to parent meetings because I was praised. Though my father had many Affairs, always took time to understand my school life.

Do not forbid, but strongly insisted that Anton did not eat sugar, did not communicate with bad people and doing sports. Dad never scolded, thought it was destructive method of education. We walked a lot and talked about life. And I went to rockkonzert, he loved this music.”

About dreams

Anton: “When I dream of dad, he’s always cheerful, optimistic”.

Dean: “And in a dream I forget that it is not. I feel like a living, now stands, talks, hugs”.

About the similarity

Anton: “I like the father not only in appearance but also temperament: for me as a few important domestic issues. More interesting kind of global world economy. Mommy says I its copy, when doing something risky – for example, go outside with a wet head after swimming in the cold time of the year.”


Anton: “it’s an honor to be a son of one of the authors of the Russian Constitution. My father was an idealist. Such people can bring to humanity a value that can’t always appreciate in life. But the scale of their contribution will never be forgotten.”

Dina: “I am Proud that I am the daughter of Boris Nemtsov. I fully share his commitment to the principles of democracy and justice, liberal values and humanism”.


Dina: “I have already chosen the direction in which I develop. Before entering another year and a half, so there is time to determine the list of universities where you’ll apply. Want to become an artist illustrating books. In addition, I love to paint, and I like the animation. Sometimes you exhibit your works in Instagram, and people offer to buy them but I don’t want to sell. Give a picture of the family”.

Anton: “Going to study in America. I lived there for a bit and realized that while I want to be close to family. Therefore I continue to obtain education in Russia, and then we’ll see”.