Children of Angelina Jolie don’t want to follow her example

Дети Анджелины Джоли не хотят следовать ее примеру
The family of the actress feel about her without any reverence.

Angelina Jolie with children

Photo: Splash News/East news

admitted recently Angelina Jolie, for their children, she is decidedly not the authority. None of the six
her biological and foster offspring doesn’t want to follow her example.

Although the 41-year-old Jolie
believes that they should seize the opportunity that she can to them
to provide, that is, to try their hand as actors. However, none of them
wants to do it.

with as long as she had a hard time convincing your kids to take part in “the voice”
cartoon “Kung fu Panda”, they also began to refer to angelina a bit down.
Children together came to the conclusion that the work in the movie — it is frivolous and ridiculous
easy! “I did not try to prove to them that you know how to be truly “cool”
they just laugh at me. For them I’m just their “pretty mommy”! — half-jokingly said the actress during
her last interview.

Meanwhile, Jolie believes that at least several of her children definitely has acting skills, especially in the younger Vivian, who managed to persuade to play a tiny role in “Maleficent”. As for older — Maddox, he likes to participate in the creation of films. But he, too, is not interested to become an actor, it is much more attracted to the work of the editor.

But, as said actress, children definitely delight her in other ways. They are all very enthusiastic language learner, not by coercion but willingly. So, Shyla teaches Khmer (spoken in Cambodia), pax — Vietnamese, Maddox — Russian and German, Vivian — Arab, and Knox mastering the “alphabet of the deaf”. And all six of us enthusiastically participate in charity work.

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