Children of Alex Kortnev become the stars of the show “Mouths of Babes”

Дети Алексея Кортнева стали звездами шоу «Устами младенца»
Aksinya and Arseniy become experts of the popular program.

Alexey Kortnev with his family

For the first time in 25 years
the existence of the project “Mouths of Babes” guests of the program were the son and daughter of a leading
show Alexei kortneva, raising five children. Aksinya and Arseny took part in the role of experts and
helped players better understand kids. The guys showed themselves as real
intellectuals, giving advice to participants of the show.

“Program “In The Mouth
baby” is my source of joy and inspiration. Communication with the guys who
come to our Studio — a great happiness! Of course, this issue has become for me
special: like any father, I was very worried for their children — shared
Alex. — The result was pleasantly surprised by their professionalism: some
the tips of my children was useful to players, I am very pleased. I hope
that one day they will again take part in the filming, but as players.”

“Mouths of Babes” —
intelligent family show that will help parents better understand their
children. However, it is still a competition, so participants get points
guessing the words that explain the kids just starting to learn about
world. The premiere of the show “Mouths of Babes” took place 1992.