Children of Alena Khmelnytsky approved elect mom

Дети Алены Хмельницкой одобрили избранника мамы
In the life of the popular Actresses have brought about remarkable changes.

Дети Алены Хмельницкой одобрили избранника мамы

Alena Khmelnitskaya with her daughter Alexandra


With Shinyshiny


Alena Khmelnitskaya, which is found with a young businessman Alexander by Shinyshiny (he’s younger than her by 12 years), admitted that he managed to win the trust of her daughters Alexandra and Xenia. “Daughter was very kind to me, sympathetic to my choice, and now they get along,” said Khmelnitskaya. Her older daughter, who is engaged in music, even prepared to Alena and Alexander a surprise. “I was so inspired by the fact that in the life of the mother reappeared the love that I wrote a song about it, — shared Alexander. I’m going to record it in the Studio and give mom to get her started with her every day.”

In a recent interview Alain said that he found the strength to communicate with her husband
Tigran Keosayan only to make the children feel happy. Rare
“Dating” with Tigran Khmelnytskyi does not cause positive emotions. But
actress puts the care of children above their old grudges.

Tigran communicate normally, but his new family also have children.
Not to say that these contacts give me great pleasure.
Of course, we are not “screeeeam” teeth when they met, but still, it’s difficult.
We’d rather do it for the kids. So happy you were okay
communicate with each other!”Khmelnytsky told in the program “Once” with
Sergei Mayorov.

Alena and Tigran, have two children:
23-year-old Alexander and seven-year daughter Xenia. The eldest heiress of the pair
now lives overseas, where he graduated from the directing courses. And Ksenia in
this year went to the first class Metropolitan schools.