Дети Натальи Водяновой предпочли провести каникулы в компании ее бывшего мужа The senior heirs of the models went to visit my dad. Natalia Vodianova in the current society of the elect Antoine Arnault. The family relaxes in the United States along with the younger sons.

Natalia Vodianova was married to British aristocrat Justin Portman for nine years. During this time the couple had three children. However, the marriage was officially terminated in 2011. The model itself has refused to comment on the cause of the breakup with a former lover.

A young woman now happily in a relationship with businessman Antoine Arnault. Apparently, she managed to keep the friendship with her ex-husband, Vodianova children from a previous marriage spend the Christmas holidays with his father. He Portman is pleased to share the photos with the heirs to his Instagram.

12-year-old Neva and 11-year-old Victor rest in a luxurious house of his father. Also Justin often posts photos of his new love Morgan. Apparently, the heirs of an aristocrat from a previous relationship was able to find a common language with his current fiancee.

Vodianova herself immediately after the celebration of Christmas moved with her husband Antoine Arnault in the United States. Couple resting in the California sun and share photos with subscribers.

On the eve of the New year, Vodianova wished fans a performance of all their cherished desires.

“Honey, I wish you all warmth, love, health and happiness in the new 2018. World peace for our children,” wrote the model.

Fans of the star happy that she was able to maintain a good relationship with her ex-husband for the kids. Vodianova herself repeatedly acknowledged that the heirs are the focal point of her life. Now Natalie is raising five children, but fans are sure that model definitely will become a mother again.

Star regularly stresses that she would give birth to another girl. Her only daughter Neva is strikingly similar to the mother. 12-year-old heiress Vodianova has already drawn the attention of scouts from modeling agencies. She has participated in the filming, often appearing in the frame together with the mother.

Fans of Natalia are sure that in a few years will Neva be able to continue her business in the modeling industry. The very same mother of many children is in no hurry to leave the runway. She appears regularly on a variety of screenings, consistently demonstrating excellent physical shape.