Children Matt Damon did not take to school

Детей Мэтта Дэймона не приняли в школу
Actor decided to buy the most expensive apartment in Manhattan.

Детей Мэтта Дэймона не приняли в школу

Matt Damon with wife


Matt Damon with children


As it became known, Matt Damon conceived
to buy an apartment in Brooklyn
Heights. The actor has opted for a penthouse in the elite
residential complex under the name Standish
on Columbia Heights. For these
apartments, representing a number connected in a single complex of apartments, with
extensive terrace and floors, made of white Austrian oak, the owners
requested $ 16.5 million. This price is a record for this area
for all the times. The highest price obtained in the past for other apartments,
nearby, was $ 15 million.

46-year-old Matt has decided to settle in this place
by chance — the district recently became extremely fashionable, here tend
to move a celebrity. No wonder Damon was not able this year to attach
their daughters (10-year-old Isabella
7-year-old Gia and 5-year-old Stella) in selected prestigious school — St. Ann’s located here. Matt received a waiver that
explained by the fact that all classes are already overcrowded. “I tried to persuade the Director of the school
to make an exception for my girls. But received a categorical response: the rules
school won’t change for nobody!” – said Damon. So I had the actor
to be satisfied with what his girls will go to a different school easier

New home Damon, who had lived in
New York, had to find in this city
because he and his wife, Luciano Barroso —
and children the past few years spent in Los Angeles. Three years ago,
going to California from dearly beloved new York, Damon was very worried —
after all, here were all his friends. And now he’s finally with them
reunited, the actor was very pleased.