Дети Курниковой и Иглесиаса подчинили себе всех родных Brother Enrique told about the nature of the charming nephews. Julio Iglesias Jr. admitted that he loves Lucy and Nicholas. The heirs of Anna and Enrique are still very small but already showing its character.
Дети Курниковой и Иглесиаса подчинили себе всех родных

Next week will be a concert of Enrique Iglesias in Moscow. The artist at the time broke up with lover Anna Kournikova and lovely children Lucy and Nicholas, which came to light in December last year. Ahead of a highly anticipated event, the brother of the musician, singer, and model Julio Iglesias, Jr., told reporters about what his nephews are growing.

According to relatives of Enrique, all the members of their large and happy family waited eagerly for the appearance of Lucy and Nicholas.

“They are still very young and I just love them. Our mother flew in from Spain especially to see newborns – shared Julio. My dad was also very happy to play with the kids, because his youngest, the eighth son is already 10 years old, and the twins are very small. They’re so cute and grow up so fast!”
Дети Курниковой и Иглесиаса подчинили себе всех родных

Lucy is growing replica of the mother, but Nicholas reminds others dad. Close Enrique suggested that his son can continue the family tradition and become a singer, and the daughter to follow in the footsteps of Anna Kournikova. According to Julio, she already felt a strong character who will help her to make a career in sports.

Journalists asked brother Enrique, I love adorable babies. Julio said that the nephews are eager to explore the world. Relatives loved Lucy and Nicholas, so we try to give them all the free time.

“Like any children, twins are very active and inquisitive, sometimes naughty. Now everything in the house revolves around them and is subject to their daily routine. Lucy is more quiet, but Nicholas is a real Tomboy! The kids are having a great time together and complement each other. It’s funny to watch as they play, laugh, explore and learn about the world,” – said Iglesias Jr.
Дети Курниковой и Иглесиаса подчинили себе всех родных

Julio was one of the first to see the twins. Singer believes that with the advent of children, Enrique became more responsible. Relatives believe his caring father. When Enrique is on tour, with Lucy and Nicholas are engaged Anna Kournikova and governesses. Each of the heirs of celebrities have their own nurse, was told by Julio Iglesias Jr., the newspaper “Telenedelya”.

Recall that Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias became the parents of 16 Dec 2017. Expecting children, she avoided to appear at public events. So the news about the new addition to the family of stars became a sensation.