Children Irina Agibalova left

Дети Ирины Агибаловой ее покинули The former star of “House-2” suffers from loneliness. Irina said followers in Instagram that her family went to different cities with their families. Also women talked about their fears and complexes.

Irina Agibalova – mother and grandmother of three grandchildren. However, the woman is going through that without friends and loved ones. A few years ago she participated in the reality show, protecting and helping his two daughters. Then telememo earned the love of millions of viewers and fans of “House-2”. Today Olga and Margaret, and son Oleg have left and live separately from Irina Alexandrovna.

“Broke my kids of home. So strange, quiet… All these years while the kids were around, I felt like a steam locomotive high-speed trains, rushing forward, tired, nervous, rejoicing, and receiving such a large range of different emotions, but in return most importantly – the feeling of being wanted and love!” – said Irina fans.

According to the former participant “Houses-2”, she always gave more children and always felt ashamed of, something to ask them. “Every birthday or New year, I am very embarrassed to say that I want a gift, when people ask me my children. I don’t want to be spent”, – said Agibalov.

Irina told fans on Instagram that she felt that life stopped.

Olga and his family settled in Krasnodar, Rita is traveling with children and a spouse in Europe, and his son Oleg in Moscow. However, Irina hinted that he was going to fill the void with new emotions and impressions.

Irina is an active user of “Instagram”, the woman tells the fans about the success of their children and grandchildren, also thelebanese publishes posts with recipes. Agibalova also boasts new acquisitions this summer, she bought a new car. The woman had long dreamed about the car of white color. Irina was immediately published in Instagram photo new cars. Knowing that now the house will stand Agibalova brand new car, relatives and friends rushed to congratulate her happy owners. Irina noted the purchase in the narrow circle of the family: husband George and son Oleg.