Дети Инны Жирковой просят ее снова родить The heirs of a famous football player dreaming of a little sister. Designer Inna Zhirkova loves children and is ready after some time to think about another child. At the moment the eldest son and daughter help mom out with raising Daniel born in autumn.

      Some time ago, Yuri and Inna Zhirkova moved to Saint Petersburg. The footballer was part of the team “Zenit”, so his family decided to settle in the Northern capital. The eldest son Dima has graduated the first class in Moscow, and in early summer the wife of the athlete with the children moved to her husband. According to Inna Zhirkov, the option of living in two cities she had not even considered. “Children should be with daddy. Yura workout in the morning and in the afternoon he is home and works with children — walking, playing,” said the designer of the brand MiloMilo.

      The family of a football player in Saint-Petersburg even liked it. Inna picked up the school for my son Dima and a garden for her daughter Milana. The youngest heir Jerkovich Daniel, who was born in 2015, while involved herself Zhirkov. The woman claims that the older children help her to babysit the baby and I dream about another family member.

      “Dima and Milana are trying to help me, I was bathing the baby, and they came and stood by, entertained by Dan. Dima often wondered whether to throw out a diaper and get a new one. The eldest son said to me once: “Mama, I’m so glad we now have Danya…”, – said Zhirkov.

      According to Zhirkov, all her children wish mom had another baby. “I love children, and the more, the better. And the children, Yes, dream on sister,” said Inna. The woman is proud of the successes his heirs: Dima plays football, and Milan dancing and all takes a cue from his beautiful mother.

      By the way, after the birth of her third child, Zhirkov quickly regained perfect settings. Mother of many children Inna Zhirkov struck the wasp waist

      Helped proper nutrition, walking with children and procedures: home made wraps and massage cupping. One motivation — I have a young husband, and I want it to fit. Know that Yura will never make me comments, because you don’t love me for the shape and appearance (he is, even when I first got pregnant I weighed 90 kg, did not say a word). But I also know that a man is nice to see a woman he once met,” shared secret Zhirkov in an interview with “TV Program”.

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