Children Gwyneth Paltrow refuse to eat her cooking

Children Gwyneth Paltrow refuse to eat her cooking
Daughter, the actress has outdone mother on the part of the diet.

Children Gwyneth Paltrow refuse to eat her cooking

Gwyneth Paltrow with children Apple and Moses


Gwyneth Paltrow is a known propagandist of a healthy way
life and, in particular, nutrition, is the author of culinary books. But, it turns out that her own children often
refuse to eat what their mother!

The most painful for her
time of day, as admitted Gwyneth — this morning. The fact that her daughter Apple (from
marriage with Chris Martin, with whom she completed the divorce in March of this year) — convinced
a vegetarian. And her younger brother Moses all the time trying to copy the older
sister. As for the Actresses,
although she shakes all over
“clean” organic food, and once said he would rather smoke
“Bong”, than eat anything from a tin, still not fully
gave up meat, eggs and dairy products.

Therefore, every morning in Petro
waking up with panic thought: “Than again to feed children for Breakfast?!?” After all
traditional American Breakfast with eggs or cereal with milk in her case
no good. So we have the actress to invent new recipes. And since
Gwyneth refers to diet of their children very seriously, it’s turning it
in the real problem. She slowly tried to add it to their salad
daughters of finely chopped chicken meat, deciding that a growing body all the same
necessary proteins. But the girl caught on to her trick
and just spat out everything on a plate. And then arranged a horrible mother

Paltrow has a clue why
her daughter decided to become a vegetarian. The fact is that when Apple was only three
she involuntarily caused to the delicate psyche of the child psychological trauma.
Gwyneth brought home from the store transparent bag with grown by farmers
steam organic duck. And Apple
saw the package in the blood. She almost fainted and cried for a long time: “Mommy,
are you going to eat that???” Since then, it is simply impossible to force to eat
any product of animal origin.

Gwyneth Paltrow

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