Children Glyuk’ozy no phones, no tablets

У детей Глюк’оZы нет ни телефонов, ни планшетов

Singer Gluk’oza has two girls, 10-year-old Lida and 6-year-old Faith. Recently, the singer tried himself in a new role and starred in the film “Grandma of easy virtue.” Now Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova will have to combine a career as an actress, singer and spend a lot of time with the family. In an interview for the magazine Hello! the singer told about the education of children, future family plans, and prohibitions on the Internet.

У детей Глюк’оZы нет ни телефонов, ни планшетов

“The daughters, no phones, no tablets, because we want to see in their lives in the first place was my childhood and friends.” says Natalia about their hard way of education. The singer forbids children to use the Internet and create pages in the social. networks. The star understands that virtual space spoils the child. Any attempt to create a page in social networks, the Glucose crosses the. “Yeah, she’s ten, but she’s still sleeping with soft toys. Says at school tease her for it. And I think it’s just wonderful when a child remains a child.” says the singer.

The singer is glad that she is an example for my girls. She does not hide from Faith and leads his career and is not afraid to acquaint them with their works. “The Grandmother of easy virtue”, starring the star, caused them a lot of questions. “It is clear from this picture is the age limit 16+, but I can’t hide from children their profession. She’s absolutely not ashamed. On the contrary, I think, better to let the daughter learn something from me than other people…” admits Natalie.

У детей Глюк’оZы нет ни телефонов, ни планшетов

As the couple is not against having another child. “I am very happy that I have two daughters. But I want to make the third March. While all this is in the plans, we are discussing with my husband, but these conversations increasingly, more and more serious. Feel we really need a third child. Because girls of steel compete with each other — each fighting for their space, so I want it to balance, to throw one and let him understand.” says the star.

Glucose has shared with readers the story of the eldest daughter. She recorded one of his poems to the player is the only gadget that allowed girls. At the end of the poem, the little girl said a swear word. Parents do not have to scold her because she did it knowing that swearing is bad. “The entire verse she reads loudly and confidently, but when it comes down to the Mat, then utters his trembling whisper. She’s even the voice mail was afraid to say it loudly and boldly! Children still understand, “what is good and what is bad.”

“The lead every day runs the bed itself. Despite the fact that we have a staff that facilitates our life, the daughter she always cleans her room — fold clothes, toys. I will teach her to be independent. Of course, wash the floors and clean the pot it was not necessary, but otherwise it does everything the same as other children.” tells the story of children’s independence singer.