Дети Аршавина от Барановской отдыхают с его второй женой The player’s wife told about the conflicting relationships in their family. Alice Arshavin assured that not only hinders the communication of the husband with children of Yulia Baranovskaya, but she finished with them to keep in touch. They even go on vacation together.
Дети Аршавина от Барановской отдыхают с его второй женой

Andrei Arshavin left his civilian wife Julia and three children in 2013, when the youngest Arseny was not yet a year old. Three years later, he officially married his beloved Alice Catimini, and last year they had a daughter Yesenia.

Since then, like Andrew has a new woman, he never noticed in the company of children from Yulia Baranovskaya. Man is constantly accused that he turned away from the family, does not communicate with his sons and daughter, while the children of Alice devotes all their attention and gives love. However, his current wife assured that when you had the chance, Arshavin talked with the children and took them on a trip.

“We flew to the island with his children, then my said to do. And I’m with them and played, and dad was happy. Arseny was less than a year, I have lived two days. Guest Arseny was, my daughter played…” – wrote Alice Arshavin.
Дети Аршавина от Барановской отдыхают с его второй женой

Arseniy Arshavin was less than a year in 2013, it was then that the little boy spent some time with my dad and his new sweetheart.

Now the wife of Andrey Arshavin as well as Yulia Baranovskaya, has three children – her two oldest are from his first marriage.

She hinted that the reason Andrew doesn’t spend time with Artem, Yana and Artem has never been his nezhelanie. To stop these accusations, she entered into correspondence with subscribers on his page in Instagram. The woman replied to the offer itself “to insist on the communication of the husband with the children.” Alice Arshavin believes that he has no right to intervene between her husband and his children.

“I think that may not intervene between the last Alliance. My children from my first marriage talk with dad. I think it depends not only from dad but from my mom too. But I can answer the question – he (Andrew) is a good man, a good dad. And back to your children not turned, if there was and he was given the opportunity, he would have seen his children, I live with him see the whole situation not superficially,” – said Arshavin.

Arguing about who is with whom and how to communicate, Arshavin has urged its subscribers and users on the Network to be kinder and think more broadly. She doesn’t think Andrew especially applies to her children from another marriage, and his good fatherly relationship she finds completely natural. Along the way, Alice wished him happiness in his personal life, the former civil wife of her current husband, Yulia Baranovskaya.

“Why should I push him?! This is their story, their children! And for once some of you thought that maybe the reason not in it, and not me… that to mess with mine, it can respond and it would be better so that it does not one of them, beat them, complete indifference showed?! He lives with them! Julia and I wish to meet person to them with Andrew, the children were treated as well as Andrew to my,” wrote Alice.

Alice and Andrei Arshavin last year announced the divorce. But we made it. A large part of his time, the wife of the football player dedicates to children.

Footballer Arshavin after working in such clubs as the St. Petersburg “Zenith” and English “the Arsenal” plays for the Kazakh team Kairat.