Children Elena Ksenofontova suffer from permanent courts parents

Дети Елены Ксенофонтовой страдают от постоянных судов родителей Timothy and Sofia have to answer tough questions. Elena Ksenofontova worried that the heirs embroiled in the conflict of adults. The actress admitted that while they needed the assistance of a psychologist.
Дети Елены Ксенофонтовой страдают от постоянных судов родителей

For two years the star of the show “Hotel Eleon” Elena Ksenofontova trying to normalize relations with the former spouse in court. Original Red Alexander said that the woman had beaten him. The actress was horrified from such accusations – after all, in her opinion, it was he who raised her hand. Despite the fact that she had witnesses and recorded the beating, the court was not on her side.

Elena has a son Timothy from his first marriage and a daughter Sofia who was born from Alexander. She is very experienced for the children and their condition. Due to disputes in the family, they had to seek help from professionals. Moreover, the school of the heirs of the artist, too, cannot avoid the constant questioning peers.Former husband of Helen Ksenofontova arranges her scandals because of my daughter

“Son is a grown fourteen-year-old boy, not really watching TV, but he attends school, where he ask unpleasant questions. My six year old daughter fit the kids at school and asking: “is that really your parents you suing?”When the hell began almost a year we engaged in psychologists. Sonia and Timothy are very experienced, and they have no answer to the question “Why is dad doing this?”Children perceive me as a whole, and my pain is their pain too. Of course, I try to hide from their emotions, but there are things that can not control,” admitted Edward.

Now Red is trying to sue the ex-wife’s apartment, which once gave her. He wants to cancel the contract – the return of the living space or to obtain monetary compensation, as the actress has sold the property.

“Stay where experienced years of nightmare, it was impossible mentally. But in this case he has included a very large monetary compensation. I have that kind of money, of course not. If he wins, the kids and I will stay on the streets. Unfortunately, on the eve of the Christmas holidays was a disruption of the postal service. I received the third summons, the two previous to me just did not happen. And when he came to the court to get acquainted with the materials of the case, there were already 210 pages, a whole volume,” – said Elena.

The actress believes that the court goes to meet her ex-husband because he was a lawyer. According to Ksenofontova, this whole situation with Alexander started only in order to get housing and to deprive her of the rights to the apartment. Elena admitted in an interview with “Telenedelya” trying not to fall into despair, although she dreams to break free from the endless lawsuits and complaints.

“The law has a clause on the grounds of intentional infliction of bodily injury to the donor to refuse donation. Red gets pleasure from the process, he understands that I have to pay the lawyers, expertise and so on. It takes money from the family budget, which means I take it away from children. Despite the fact that he does not pay child support and sues for failing to pay them less,” says Edward.