Children Beyonce will be born at home

Дети Бейонсе появятся на свет дома

Private pool, SPA and gym no surprise, but personal hospital.. the Famous singer Beyonce, which from week to week needs to give birth to twins, carefully preparing the house for advent children. According to the publication, RadarOnline, the singer and her husband Jay-Z spent of 1.27 million dollars to build in their rented house in Hollywood to a small maternity hospital.

According to media reports, the star was initially strongly opposed to the ordinary clinics with VIP-chambers. She has several rooms equipped with the necessary equipment and a team of obstetricians, neonatologists and other specialists waiting for her call to help her baby to be born.
“It’s about privacy, not that Beyonce against public medicine. She had already discussed this issue with the doctors, and they believe that with special equipment and professionals she can bear children and home. Despite the late term of pregnancy she is fine, she is absolutely ready to leave,” said the insider.
By the way, the house Beyonce and Jay-Z will be on duty ambulance to deliver her children to the clinic Cedars-Sinai Hospital, if they need help.
Their first child, daughter blue ivy, Beyonce gave birth in new York hospital Lenox hill in 2012. Then the singer and her entourage occupied an entire floor in the hospital, other patients began to complain about her. The actress was very upset over negative feedback and criticism in his side, and decided back then. that all subsequent children will be born exclusively home.
Recall that Beyonce announced her pregnancy in February of this year, pleasantly shocking the audience. In proof of his words, she published a whole series of pictures in which she is depicted with a rounded belly. Baby-shower – party about the future appearance of the little light she celebrated a few weeks ago, and this means that children will be born very soon.