Детство и юность Дуэйна Джонсона: объявлено о запуске нового сериала

Детство и юность Дуэйна Джонсона: объявлено о запуске нового сериала

The famous American company NBC recently said that it intends to release a new series that will be devoted to the childhood and adolescence of American actor Dwayne Johnson. The world knows this great actor by the nickname “Rock.” The actor himself has repeatedly told the stories of his childhood, so the show promises to be not only comedic, but the detective genre.

Executive producer of the series has agreed to make himself Dwayne Johnson to the maximum to control the process. The film will be predictable, called “Young Rock.”

All the episodes in the series will tell about how he spent his childhood and youth actor’s, and of course will be discussed about the development of Dwayne on the career ladder. Sam Johnson will take part in the filming of some episodes, but it will be small fragments.

In his interview, Dwayne admitted that he wants to show the young version of himself. In his stories, in his youth, he sowed terror and chaos on the streets of his native city. Wasn’t this week, he was arrested by the police, because he did do forbidden things. Moreover, because of bullying him and his family were evicted from their island, they had to leave a familiar life and start over in a new state of America. The lesson learned nothing from the Rock, he continued the fight and the showdown at the new place of residence.

It is noteworthy that the first script for the pilot episode written by the creators of the very popular series “American dad”. This means that success is practically guaranteed. In the first season is expected to film 11 episodes. The creators of “Young Cliff,” saying that the future picture will depend solely on the viewers ‘ perception. If they all enjoy it and the show will get good success, then the shooting will last more than one season.

While the release date for the first series is unknown, as the project is still very raw. The cast is already confirmed, but who will play young Rock has not been disclosed.

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