«Чайлдфри»: какие знаки зодиака отказываются заводить детей Not all seek to become parents as soon as possible. The astrologer Sergei lang said that depending on the sign of the zodiac can make conclusions who want to have heirs, and who is in no hurry to take responsibility for the kids.
«Чайлдфри»: какие знаки зодиака отказываются заводить детей

Not all people strive to become young parents. Some live by the principle: “first career, then children.” So it’s worth considering if you want as soon as possible to become a mother or father, does the same your fiance or fiancee. Astrologer, psychologist and parapsychologist Sergei lang has made a rating of the zodiac signs – who aims to become a parent, and who on the contrary, trying to live for yourself, and then think about the heirs. However, the expert notes that it is only mass statistics, but not individual horoscope, so you should not leave your husband or wife, setting the mark of decontamina and selfish.

12 – Virgo

The representatives of this zodiac sign – the leaders of today. Virgin will not postpone the birth of a child, if they see next to a man who wants a family and is ready to be a father. They accepted the offer and will enjoy a family idyll. Actress Maria Golubkina married Nikolai Fomenko, when she was 22, and three years later her daughter, Anastasia. In 2008, the couple divorced, and now she’s building a relationship with Boris Livanov.

«Чайлдфри»: какие знаки зодиака отказываются заводить детей

11th place – Capricorn

Capricorns are very family oriented people regardless of gender. Them around family is the Foundation of life. Capricorns strive to create a family and have children as early as possible. Ballerina Anastasia Volochkova became a mother at age 29. She gave birth to her daughter Ariadne. Now a celebrity surrounded with attention of men, but not yet ready to give someone your heart. She’s happy with her is always the heiress and the mother.

«Чайлдфри»: какие знаки зодиака отказываются заводить детей

10th place – Aquarius

Aquarius is very practical. They want to be sure that they can give children all that they need. But on the other hand, they won’t postpone the birth of a child long after the reproductive age is not waiting. Vera Brezhnev gave birth to a daughter, Sonya, when she was only 19 years old. At that time she lived together with Vitaliy Voychenko, but after a while their relationship has outlived its usefulness.

«Чайлдфри»: какие знаки зодиака отказываются заводить детей

9th place – Fish

Fish try to make their life comfortable. They don’t want to have children, when they will be thirty. But trying to do everything with the mind: to finish school, get married, get a job and then go on maternity leave. Natalia Vodianova with 16 years conquered world’s catwalks and worked with the most famous fashion designer. At age 19 she gave birth to first child of the British aristocrat.

«Чайлдфри»: какие знаки зодиака отказываются заводить детей

8th place – Taurus

Taurus woman trying to make a decision depending on the situation. If the career is very tempting, it is likely that the choice will be made in favor of work. But if there be a worthy man to think about how to provide for themselves, and calmly to bear children, then Taurus without a doubt give herself to motherhood. The first son Olesya Sudzilovskaia was born when she was 34 years old. Before the actress appeared in various patterns, but after the decree has not complained about the absence of proposals from the Directors.

«Чайлдфри»: какие знаки зодиака отказываются заводить детей

7th place – Leo

The lions need a family and children. It is important for them to care. They are happy to give birth to children, but to sit with them for a long time, they are not going. Lions at the first opportunity come to work. Actress Marina Mogilevskaya long dreamed of becoming a mother, but she didn’t have time, right woman. In the 42 years of its wish. But that did not stop her two months later to resume work.

«Чайлдфри»: какие знаки зодиака отказываются заводить детей

6th place – Sagittarius

The representatives of this zodiac sign love their youth, really appreciate it and so do not hurry to plunge into the everyday problems that seem to them boring and painful: diaper, walking to the doctors, sleepless nights. Therefore, the Archers will try to enjoy a carefree time as long as possible. TV presenter Anfisa Chekhov became a mother at age 35. She bore her husband Guram Bablishvili son Solomon. But marriage with the actor were short-lived – this spring it became known about divorce

«Чайлдфри»: какие знаки зодиака отказываются заводить детей

5th place – Aries

Aries are ambitious, for them work is paramount. They do not ship myself with the thought that having this baby will be late. First you need to provide for themselves and to create conditions for comfortable life of the future offspring. And then you can think about procreation. Actress Olga Drozdova has lived for 13 years in marriage with Dmitry Drozdov, before came to light their first born. Despite the fact that the actress gave birth to a son at the age of 42, she is an active mother who manages everything.

«Чайлдфри»: какие знаки зодиака отказываются заводить детей

4th place – Scorpio

Scorpio do not rush to have children. They love themselves too, so not ready at a young age to sacrifice ourselves for another person, even if it is my own child. Those born under this zodiac sign tend to prolong their adolescence. Ballerina Ilze Liepa became a mother at the age of 46. However, after the birth of the baby long-awaited marriage of the actress collapsed.

«Чайлдфри»: какие знаки зодиака отказываются заводить детей

3rd place – Libra

The scales tend to postpone childbearing for a later date. They need to test a relationship for strength, and only then think about children. In addition, you need to live first for yourself. About the novel by Paulina Andreeva and Fedor Bondarchuk became known in 2016. The Director has gone from wife Svetlana, with whom he lived for a quarter of a century. But while 29-year-old actress is in no hurry to become a mom.

2nd place – Gemini

The twins are confident that the work needs to come first. Why have a child if you have failed as a person? Self-esteem for the Twins is very important, so first things first, and the kids can wait. 36-year-old fiancee, Enrique Iglesias Anna Kournikova became a mother – she gave the musician the twins. The affair lasts couple since 2002, but only in December of last year they have had children.

«Чайлдфри»: какие знаки зодиака отказываются заводить детей

1st place – Cancer

Cancer willing to go to great lengths just to climb the corporate ladder. About children they think is less likely. If they have success in business, about the kids, they will remember not sooner than 35 years. And if the work will be tight, especially not let myself think about the heirs. After all, how to have a baby when you barely survive! The TV presenter Boris Korchevnikov 35 years, but still man not got his own family, however, made serious progress on the career ladder. Since childhood, he worked in television, five years ago, became the leading talk show “live”, and last year headed by an Orthodox TV channel “Spas”.