Child Tsyganov and Snigir not living with parents

Ребенок Цыганова и Снигирь не живет с родителями The son of movie stars engaged grandmother. According to relatives of Yulia Snigir, actors time to deal with the boy, as they have a full schedule of filming. At the moment, the young mother removed to St. Petersburg and her baby.

      Yuliya Snigir and Evgeny Tsyganov lead a private life and rarely appear together at social events. In March of this year he was was born son Theodore. After a baby light Snigir allowed myself to stay in the decree, only a couple of months, and in may had returned to filming. In late summer the young woman moved to another city. About Fyodor care parents of the actress. Her mother Svetlana Leonidovna left work in order to sit with her grandson. The woman lives with the boy in the apartment in Moscow, while her daughter is in St. Petersburg, where filming of the picture “ordeal”.

      Numerous relatives Snigir help her with the baby. The boy is not deprived of care and attention. Summer toddler time to show grandma and grandpa to Julia, who live in the Tula region.

      “Julia the first time it nursed, and then he was transferred to artificial feeding. And Julia is not tied – it is all on the move, on set. He says he can’t quit his job, needs to feed his family. And we support it. Julia is counting on himself. Though Tsyganov and helps, but he has still so many children… of Course, the content more on Julia Fedor,” said the grandfather of actress Victor Sirikin.

      According to relatives Snigir, Fedor is very similar to the mother: he has the same eyes and smile. Grandparents of the actress explained that their granddaughter not to trust the boy’s upbringing to the nannies. “Mom, Julia is not working, is fully engaged with the baby. All that is necessary does, and massages and walks and feeds. Fedor completely on grandma. Tsyganov sometimes comes – and he is constantly on the set,” said the relative. Yevgeny Tsyganov lives for two families

      Grandma Snigir Lyudmila claims that the couple recently baptized the child. “We are very happy, the child should be angel,” said the woman, speaking with reporters

      Fedor was the eighth child of Eugene Tsyganov. The actor has gone from a previous wife Irina Leonova, however, trying to help her financially in the education of their children. However, according to eyewitnesses, the star of “the Thaw” – not a frequent guest in the apartment of the former civil wife.