Child of Iftodi will bear the name of Nemtsov

Ребенок Ифтоди будет носить фамилию Немцова The chosen policy intends to restore justice. Catherine iftode said that Boris Nemtsov was going to recognize the boy as his heir when he turns a year. The woman believed her lover, and therefore did not contradict his will.
Ребенок Ифтоди будет носить фамилию Немцова

Last Friday, the first of September, it became known that the court recognized the son of Catherine, iftode heir of a prominent politician Boris Nemtsov, who was gunned down in Central Moscow in February 2015. For two years the woman tried to restore justice. She denied claims to establish paternity. However, now that the examination proved the kinship of the baby and statesman, Catherine does not hide the joy. Fiancee Nemtsov intends to ensure that her son bore the father’s name.

“Of course. Then there will be another Boris Nemtsov,” – said Iftodi.
Ребенок Ифтоди будет носить фамилию Немцова

Catherine said that the politician was not familiar with her child. The man died when the baby was only 10 months. He tried to persuade his beloved to wait a little with the meeting, that the son is a little older. Moreover, he planned to officially recognize the little Bob, when he turns a year. Iftodi remembered – the politician asked her to put a dash in the column “father” in the birth certificate of the boy. Catherine admitted that fully trust the chosen one and did as he commanded. She thought of the beloved man of his word, especially since he never failed.

Ребенок Ифтоди будет носить фамилию Немцова“He’s a child like all children. I loved Boris, and love. We had him, we lived in harmony, he was consistent in words, I waited. People respected me, they asked me to wait,” said the woman.

Also, iftode responded to the criticism that was heaped upon her after the recognition of Nemtsov father of the child. Policy has left a rich legacy. Some accused Katherine of self-interest, however, she considers that has the full right to fight for a secure future baby. Son of Catherine, iftode claim a fabulous inheritance of Boris Nemtsov

“But you all live, have kids, everyone thinks like a child to raise, feed, provide. If Bob is alive, he would have provided,” he met a woman.

Catherine also told the radio station “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, which is growing three year old boy. She noted his attraction to mathematics. The woman admitted that he is now making great strides in the account than in reading. According to Iftodi, it was transferred Bor inherited from his father.

“He is agile, energetic, tenacious mind, loves books,” spoke about the success of the son of Catherine.