Child Nelly Ermolaeva already showing a temper

Ребенок Нелли Ермолаевой уже демонстрирует крутой нрав Baby periodically rebels in mom’s tummy. Child Nelly Ermolaeva needs to be born in a few weeks. Former member of popular reality show, candidly talks about how is her pregnancy.

TV presenter and star of “House-2” Nelly Yermolayeva soon for the first time will become a mother. Now she shares advice with your subscribers. Nelly tries to be as candid and talks about what happens to her during pregnancy. Recently, organisations are faced with problems with sleep. Now she is doing everything to make the child comfortable, and therefore are willing to suffer some inconvenience.

“Now night for me is associated not with a soft feather-bed, comfortable pillows and a good night’s sleep, and sleepless nights. Stopped to sleep on the sides. Once rotated to the left or to the right, baby immediately kicks in the side so that not to obey and not to lie on your back will not work. The back can lay, but she, too, was “against me” and a little whining. Of course, all these moments tolerable. But already dreaming to lie down on your stomach, wrap yourself in a blanket and sleep, not to go to the Loo four times a night,” said Nelly.

Fans are glad that their idol so openly talks about such an important period in my life. Many heeded the advice Ermolaeva, as well as share their experiences. Despite the fact that the star of “House-2” shares with the fans feelings, she still has not declassified the sex of the baby.

“My baby has the hiccups. How to understand this? Pulsation in different parts of the tummy. A uniform “tick-tack” of hours. The baby swallows the amniotic fluid and begins to hiccup. Baby tries himself breathing or open mouth. Because of this, there is a spasm of the diaphragm! Nothing wrong with that. As my doctor said, “do Not be afraid! All normal!” Most importantly, if you are wearing a bandage belt, jeans – all this must not pinch you tummy”, – shared his recommendations Ermolaeva.

Despite the pregnancy, Nelly continues to lead an active lifestyle – traveling with her husband, continues to work and participate in various projects. New year the couple met in Samara, and at Christmas went to one of the suburban resorts.