Child Janet Jackson will continue to live with mother after divorce

Ребенок Джанет Джексон останется жить с матерью после развода The singer separated from her husband. As reported in foreign tabloids, Janet threw a businessman from Qatar Wissam al Mana, whom she had a son. Fans can’t believe that the couple that has lived together for five years, no longer together.

      Ребенок Джанет Джексон останется жить с матерью после развода

      Popular singer Janet Jackson severed ties with her husband, billionaire Wissam al Mana. The husband and wife lived together for five years. In January of this year, the couple had a son Issa. Despite the concerns of physicians, 50-year-old star gave birth to a child, and is now enjoying motherhood.

      According to foreign tabloids, the child should live with her mother, but Janet will not interfere with his meetings with his father. Apparently, the couple decided not to escalate the situation after the break and kept a normal relationship.

      “They’re both very busy people, but agreed that would be good parents, even if they do not live together. AssA staying with her in London,” said a source close to the family.

      The singer has not commented on the breakup with the father of her child, although the fans demand her explanation, leaving comments under her posts on social networks. “Very sorry that the marriage broke up”, “I am very sad to hear about your breakup,” “I don’t believe it,” wrote the followers of the star. The last time Jackson does not communicate with the fans, probably devoting all his time to the education of his son.

      Rumor has it that now Janet and her husband are waiting for a section of the property. According to preliminary data, the artist can lay claim to half of a 42-year-old businessman, will be approximately $ 500 million.

      By the way, recently it became known that a certain Tiffany white calls herself the daughter of Jackson. According to 31-year-old woman, she was born when the singer was married to James Debarge. The man confirmed that this could happen.

      The woman, who called herself the daughter Janet Jackson, did a DNA analysis

      “I am sure that after parting Janet gave birth to my baby. And abandoned it under pressure from family, who feared that early motherhood will damage her career. Tiffany said that he had learned the secret of his birth from his dying adoptive mother, along with the details that no one else could know. She offered to take a DNA test,” – said Debari.

      James was examined, but it turned out that Tiffany is his daughter. Janet from such procedures refused.