For example, the marriage of the son of the Ingush billionaire Mikhail Gutseriev.

Safarbekovich Mikhail Gutseriev, for information, is among the forty richest people in Russia. He is the owner of eight radio stations, including all known and Love Radio “Chanson”, and, according to the calculations of Forbes magazine, his fortune is about $2.8 billion.

The son of Michael Safarbekovich 28-year-old Sayid continues his work and, despite his young age, is also included in the ratings of the most successful businessmen of our country.

Wedding said, said, had planned for a long time. Only to choose a suitable match for the young man was not easy. The girl was looking for a few years. But, fortunately, still found! She was a modest beauty Khadija agahowa, who is studying in the first year of stomatological faculty MSMSU. Evdokimova.

The wedding and said She was held on March 26 in Safisa Banquet hall. Entrance to the celebration was, of course, not for all. But to trace, as it has been one of the most luxurious wedding of the year, it is possible in Instagram. Guests of the event laid out the photos and videos under the hashtag “sadybakasovich”.

We will view the luxury wedding publication, has identified several trends that should be considered to arrange a birthday party that will say anything!

1. Designer wedding dress

The main thing at the wedding, anyway, is the dress of the bride. For the spouse Gutseriev said it was custom in France by the designers of the fashion house Elie Saab. According to some, the cost of the dress, embroidered with real jewels, cost the groom’s family several million rubles. But it was worth it: the bride was like a Princess. Or even the Queen. The only negative – because of 25-pound dress, she could not walk without assistance. But, as they say, beauty demands victims.

Like a Princess #sadybakasovich

Video published KAVKAZYATA777 (@kavkazyata777) Mar 27 2016 at 8:17 PDT

2. Expensive jewelry

Jewelry – a girl’s best friend, especially the bride. At the She had big earrings, necklace and bracelet, which were periciales in the light all the colors of the rainbow. But special attention is attracted by a crown, on which was fastened a veil. Some sources claim that the cost of this accessory is $ 5 million.

Wedding Gutseriev #svadbarsko#sadybakasovich#orahovica#saidgareev#Svadba#svodimosti#svadbene#financingby#Kavkazskaja#rivestimenti#devestation#louser#lezginka#Ingushetia#Chechnya#chechnya#ingushetiya#lovzar#nevestikavkaza#crcivae.tewinhost

Video published Chechnyathe (@chechnya__ingushetiya) Mar 28 2016 at 2:22 PDT

3. Memorable interior

The fact that the wedding venue must be the most expensive, is taken for granted. But to make beautiful hall – is another matter. The Safisa restaurant, for example, where the marriage Gutseriev was decorated with fresh flowers. It looked very impressive.

Incredibly beautiful design wedding flowers #sadybakasovich #Safisa #svadebnykh #Gutseriev

A video posted by Marina Flowers Beautiful (@marina_cveti) Mar 28 2016 at 2:25 PDT

4 a Varied menu

The more food the better! To save just not worth it. At the wedding and She said the table was Laden with refreshments. And the menu was very raznoobaznyh. Guests were treated to traditional dishes of Caucasian and European cuisine, and sushi.

5. Tiered cake

The culmination of the evening should be a beautiful cake. Preferably, chtoby its height was several floors!

#sadybakasovich #Svalbard

Videos posted online Shop (@shopemiliya) Mar 28 2016 2:00 PM PDT

6. Guests from Hollywood

As a surprise for you at the wedding in the form of J. Lo? But if she will sing and dance?

@jlo #jlo#Sadybakasovich #Nvestigative#wedding #weddingdress #weddingday #eliesaab #saab #eliesaabcouture #eliesaabhautecouture #eliesaabworld #couture #hautecouture #sadybakasovich #sadbhavana #sadbhavana #Sadybakasova

Video posted @_wedding_world Mar 27 2016 at 9:09 am PDT

7. Alla Pugacheva

Alla is now extremely rare. So her appearance at the event – already a holiday. At the wedding of a wealthy heir, she personally congratulated the bride and groom and sang “Love like a dream” and “Invite a lady to dance”.

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Photo published by Alla Pugacheva (@allasuperstar) Mar 28 2016 at 1:10 PDT

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