Chest daughter Vicky flaunts Cool to dress like mom

Грудная дочь Вики Крутой щеголяет в платье как у мамы Demi loves fashion rose floral prints. Vika Steep instills in her daughter a sense of style and love of beautiful women’s clothing from a very early age.

      Грудная дочь Вики Крутой щеголяет в платье как у мамы

      The daughter of famous composer Igor Krutoy, Victoria for the fifth month enjoys its status of a wonderful young moms – at the end of November last year, she gave birth to a charming baby Demi rose.

      Your happiness Victoria Cool periodically share with subscribers posting in the microblog photos of a daughter, which has already turned four months. Mom just loves to pamper and dress up, young age instilling Demi rose love of beautiful clothes, being treated like a woman. This time Victoria has demonstrated that it tends to be trendy today family look style. The picture shows mother and daughter posing in the same dress with a floral print. Interestingly, the outfits are exactly the same, dresses the same sleeve, neckline and even length above the knee. “My little”, – signed photo with Demi rose at the hands of Victoria Steep.

      By the way, the most attentive followers of a microblog Wiki Cool couldn’t help but notice that in this dress with roses Demi rose had once appeared in mom Magazine, it was a couple of months ago. But then a stylish outfit was obviously too big for the girl, and now – at the time. Fans Cool every time Victoria touched miminum personnel with the participation of Demi rose and sympathetic to the fact that the girl’s parents do not hurry to show them who’s like the heir – Vika chooses only some camera angles that show the face of the baby. But it is obvious that the little Demi rose pretty, because her mother is a real beauty.

      Recall that Vika Cool-my daughter was born in late November of last year in one of the prestigious hospitals of the United States of America. She was named an unusual name is Demi rose. For Vicky and her husband, restaurateur David named Berkovich, it was a long-awaited child. Note that after a little over a week after birth, the daughter of the famous composer managed to hit all stunning form, having recovered in record time. A young mother published his photo with bare belly showing that she’s rather flat, despite the recent pregnancy.

      And at the end of February, Victoria was struck with the Coolest fans of brave in bikini snapshot on which her womanly figure can be viewed in detail. It is obvious that a young mother is proud of how she looks, and wants other women who recently became mothers, were inspired by her example.

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