Виктория Дайнеко попала в аварию At the entrance to Lipetsk van singer collided with a passenger car. Cheryl Cole shared with fans stating that she was all right, but the car received minor injuries.

      Виктория Дайнеко попала в аварию

      Cheryl Cole got into trouble. The singer, who is traveling around Russia with a concert tour, got in an accident at the entrance to Lipetsk. The minivan, which was the star, collided with a passenger car. Fortunately, damage to both cars was minor, and in the accident no one was hurt.

      Of course, the artist was disappointed by the fact that I had to make a forced pause in the way. While representatives of the traffic police issued an accident, Vick did not waste time and took pictures at the scene. The expression on the face of the star shows that she’s a little upset.

      “What accident? Why would an accident? We just moved to Lipetsk, a couple of scratches, everything is OK. Just a guy decided to cross a solid line, but Moscow left the driver accused in vain,” – commented on the situation Daineko. “For a person stuck on the track, you are obscenely good,” “This is the Lipetsk, Vika!” – wrote the singer’s fans.

      Виктория Дайнеко попала в аварию

      By the way, this spring Daineko literally haunted by failure. In March, the singer treated her little daughter, who had a bad cough and a runny nose, and then needed help and the star. To Vick dropped the folder from the top shelf of the wardrobe, which hurt the eyes and damage the retina. “I’ll live, and as the roar will be bolnovato, better laugh at himself and his luck,” joked the singer.

      But this trouble is not over. At the end of April Dayneko had to act in Krasnodar. However, on the way to the airport she had problems with the voice and ears. “ENT “dishonored” is my nose too long wire with adrenaline. It was painful, but I had to do it twice. The left ear was too little to hear. In confidence he said, “will sing – you pick a voice…”. Rushed to the site, changed clothes, wore dark glasses on no makeup eyes, came on the scene. Sing,” – said Victoria.

      May Daineko met in a mask and dark glasses to minimize exposure to hazardous pollen on your body. Unfortunately, seasonal allergies are not spared the singer a party. “What are you doing to me, spring. Song Alsou can be very useful. Closed hair cap, eye goggles, nose mask, to as little as possible to inhale the pollen,” he signed selfies star.

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