Cheryl Cole wants love

Виктория Дайнеко хочет любви After a bad breakup with her husband it was not long, but the singer is hopeful that long will be one. The actress posted a Twitter video of his speech and expressed hope that she will find a mate.

Since the breakup of the Victoria Dayneko and Dmitry Kleiman a little time has passed, and the star was beginning to worry that it was left alone. Marriage of the singer and the drummer lasted two years and in early spring the young people said about the gap. The couple grows a wonderful baby.

Victoria has admitted that he wants to marry again. Once upon a time actress was confident that her marriage will be one for life, but, unfortunately, this did not work. The girl does not despair and hopes for a speedy new relationship. In his microblog star posted a video of his speech, where she superbly performs the song Bonnie Tyler I Need A Hero.

“I need a long time to accept the fact that I’m not white and fluffy dandelion, and not everyone can cope with me. But I believe that every creature must have a pair. Or still contrary to what I hear about myself, I am not a thing. And this song just love to sing”, signed video Victoria.

Fans immediately reacted to the publication of pet and wrote many words of support: “Be strong and invincible! You Victoria! Daughter can be proud of their mom and to take an example. There are good, strong and caring man, who will set you your shoulder!”, “You are very strong and I’m sure your man is somewhere near!” “Vika, great performance! You’ll be fine, you deserve it!”

Fans of celebrities are very worried about her mental state, but a young mother tries not to take problems to heart and always to stay in good spirits, because most of the time she spends together with her little daughter. The singer is not going to deny the girl communion with the father and continues to maintain a neutral relationship with Mr Kleiman. Husband of Victoria Daineko for the first time after a breakup: “I’m really missing your daughter”