Cheryl Cole tries to find a common language with her husband

Виктория Дайнеко пытается найти общий язык с супругом Singer cares about the interests of his beloved daughter. The parents of the heiress trying to give her all your spare time, despite the difficulties that have arisen in their marriage. In a candid interview with reporters Cheryl Cole admitted that she considers it important to maintain a good relationship with the father of her child.
Виктория Дайнеко пытается найти общий язык с супругом

On Friday, may 12, singer Victoria Dayneko birthday. The artist was thirty years old. Victoria recently gave an interview to journalists, which frankly told about how is going to celebrate an important date, and a new stage in life.

Recently Daineko appeared in the center of attention of journalists. The singer is experiencing difficulties in the relationship with her husband, drummer Dmitry Kleiman. At the end of last year, “StarHit” first reported that the singer was looking for a divorce lawyer, and then the star took off his wedding ring. This spring, Victoria confessed to fans that no longer live with her husband.

During the conversation with reporters Dayneko frankly told me that he wanted to maintain good relations with former lover for a common daughter. The singer expressed the hope that her position will be taken into account.

“At some point I realized that it is possible to show your character, but the happiness of the child depends on his parents. That’s why I insisted that we with Dima you need to communicate for the sake of our daughter so she feel comfortable. As adults, which binds one great happiness, we must try to hear each other,” shared the actress.

The singer also admitted that she began a new period in life. Victoria admits that lately she had a very hard time. Despite the fact that his long career in show business Dayneko accustomed to everything, she was nasty sayings friends, who gave comments to journalists. “I read and understand that this information is indeed could issue only very close people. I no longer trust this people, but it’s really sad,” shared the actress.

In the nearest plans of Victoria to celebrate a birthday. The artist plans to have fun with friends at karaoke. According to the singer, she is proud of her age. “I’m really looking forward thirty years”, – quotes the star Peopletalk.

Earlier Dmitry Kleiman in conversation with the correspondent of “StarHit” admitted that he will do everything possible for his beloved heiress. Despite the fact that musician left with his wife, he continues to visit the child. “I love to play with my little Princess, reading her stories, we often watch cartoons together. Very upset when my daughter gets sick or is crying, terribly, if a long time not seeing her…” – said Dmitry. Husband of Victoria Daineko for the first time after a breakup: “I’m really missing your daughter”