Виктория Дайнеко взяла дочь на съемки в Питер The singer played in the new series “Cool crew” directed by Marius Weisberg. Victoria Dayneko told about that, what was the atmosphere on set and the support of colleagues. The project also involved a Natalia Bardot, Alexey Chadov and Daria Sagalova.
Виктория Дайнеко взяла дочь на съемки в Питер

The singer tried himself in a new role – she played a major role in the series “Cool crew”, which starts in late March at STS.

“It all happened very fast! One evening I called the Director and asked if I wanted to audition in a new TV project directed by Marius Weisberg – says the artist “StarHit”. – Just needed to quickly make a short video. Offer very interesting, but I was confused: had never done a self-presentation. Immediately sought help from friends who are in the know, so handled promptly. The next day I was approved, and a week later I went to the shooting in St. Petersburg.

Very worried. Before the first scene was standing there and said to Marius: “I do not understand how we got here. Like I have no experience, but I promise I will try”. The company selected emotional: it all helped, and encouraged. Bias perturbation types, who brought to the platform of a layman, was not. By the way, the assistants, the actors watched my diet, specially delivered gluten-free pizza, so you don’t have to eat cinaedi.

My character Natasha is the former wife of the protagonist, played by Alexei Chadov. Partner dreams! Since “Night Watch” I’m one of his greatest admirers. This fact added to jitters…

The shooting took daughter. I think words can explain the importance of the work, why it is needed and how needy, useless to show a living example. Glad the daughter realizes that mom’s not out exploring, and working. With us traveled a nanny, my assistant, and while they played in the room on the same floor, I was on the other. In between running to hug the baby. Dangle between Moscow and St. Petersburg with the child, without very hard.”