Cheryl Cole threw a party for my daughter

Виктория Дайнеко устроила грандиозный праздник для дочери The singer said the year old heiress. Victoria Dayneko organized a celebration in a Moscow restaurant. All the decoration of the hall was made in pink and white colors. Fans rushed to congratulate the baby of a celebrity with such an important date.

      Exactly a year ago, the singer Cheryl Cole first became a mother. Her husband Dmitry Kleiman she gave birth to a daughter. The winner of the fifth season of “American idol” tries to protect your personal space, its successor and does not publish photos of the baby, unlike other star moms, who from the first days of life attract the attention of fans for his children. Even a year later, Victoria began to show the face of the girl. The baby name Dayneko and Kleiman are still kept secret.

      “A year! Year! Year the biggest happiness in the world! It was the best holiday,” wrote Victoria in the microblog.

      The hall where the celebration took place, was decorated in white and pink colors. Victoria herself was glowing with happiness, celebrating the birthday of his child. Fans decided to join the chorus of congratulations with the first significant date of the child Victoria and Dmitry. They traditionally wished the girl health. “A year is a very important date. Congratulations!”, “Congratulations, dear Vic! Happiness and health to your happiness!”, “Congratulations on your baby! And your entire family! Patience, good health, only happy days and endless happiness!” – do not skimp on the kind words subscribers Daineko.

      Just a month after the birth of her daughter Victoria returned to the stage. Now, the artist combines the work and the care of the heiress. Recently she thought about the fact that her child is old enough to begin attending preschool. The artist began to choose a kindergarten for his successor, but it was very surprised.

      “I once thought that MGIMO is expensive. Then he learned that the kindergarten (private and generally not the best) in a year is twice more expensive”, – wrote in the microblog Daineko.

      Victoria also wondered about how it is appropriate to give kids in kindergarten. In her opinion, in preschool offspring are sick and, consequently, infect other children. So now Dayneko leaning toward special education classes, where her daughter will spend only part time, but will have time to meet other kids and socialize.