Cheryl Cole threw a luxury holiday for my daughter

Виктория Дайнеко закатила роскошный праздник для дочки The singer decided to throw a party for heiress. Cheryl Cole believes that after the baby was even happier. The star said that her little girl turned a year and a half. On this occasion, the artist gathered the closest people in one of the capital’s cafes.

      Виктория Дайнеко закатила роскошный праздник для дочки

      Singer Cheryl Cole has admitted that motherhood has changed her much. Says star, she is ready for everything that my daughter in no way needed and felt good. Recently, the artist along with heiress was forced to live in the hotel as the noise and repair work deprived them of the opportunity to spend time in the apartment.

      Victoria Dayneko has been shaken because of the baby

      Before Victoria decided to surprise not only children, but also followers. Ex-participant of “factory of stars” threw a party in honor of her daughter. Daineko said a year and a half girl. The actress went to a cafe where we ordered for the baby pink cake, decorated with sparkling “fountains”.

      Besides, Dayneko uploaded a picture in pink balloons, the signature to which has told about the emotions that she is experiencing on this day.

      “Today, exactly half a year since I became the happiest man in the world”, – said the artist.

      Fans of stars joined it. According to several folliero, Victoria is right, that does not show pictures of the baby on social networks.

      “Health daughter! And all the best”, “little little Princess”, “You’re the best mommy in the world” “One of those small but very important dates in the life of every mom, may this day to remember with its bright and unique moment,” “Let my daughter grows healthy, and mom Vicki will be a sea of memories,” wrote netizens in the comments.

      For all six years of the artist have not posted any pictures of her daughter, only showing footage from walking with a stroller. Despite the demands of the fans, Vick stands its ground, so even during the online broadcast ignored questions about the heiress and requests to film her face. However, Dainenko frequently tells fans about the situations that happen to her and her daughter in real life.

      “It’s strange when people have the courage and conscience to behave meanly towards one people get upset when other people behave the same with them. Don’t understand what’s not to like. That forgive and encourage yourself, do not accept in others,” said Victoria in one of the posts.