Cheryl Cole surprised fans idyll with her ex-husband

Виктория Дайнеко удивила поклонников идиллией с бывшим мужем
The singer buried “the hatchet” with the ex-spouse.

Dmitry Kleiman on a walk with my daughter

Photo: @Instagram victoriadaineko Victoria Dayneko

Cheryl Cole shared with fans staff family idyll: took video of a walk with Mr Kleiman and daughter. A day earlier she has published in his microblog storis the story of how while shopping, at the request of Dmitri, picking him comfortable new underwear. But more recently the ex-wife was “at loggerheads”…

On the one hand, fans Daineko so happy that the singer for little daughter were able to reconcile with her ex-husband. And, on the other, wonder how Victoria and Dmitry came so quickly to the world? Just last month, Kleiman told reporters about allegedly experienced during the marriage with the singer of the horrors: valicom boiling water, fights and ultimatum. Victoria, in response threatened to show law enforcement the dirt on Dmitry, hinting that she was subjected to domestic violence. It seemed that ex-spouses need more time for reconciliation.

It is possible that the relationship Victoria and Dmitri were able to positively impact a new girlfriend-Kleiman — Darya. 23-year-old drummer and himself admitted that he had become much calmer and feel more confident after I started the relationship with a translator. Anyway, what Dayneko and Kleiman were able to find common ground and continue to work together to educate a child should please fans of the pair.