Cheryl Cole spoke about her feelings for Alexey Vorobyov after separation from her husband

Виктория Дайнеко заговорила о чувствах к Алексею Воробьеву после расставания с мужем
She wrote a touching appeal to a former lover.

Victoria Dayneko

Photo: @victoriadaineko (Instagram Victoria Dayneko)

Victoria Dayneko devoted former lover Alexey Vorobyov publish in his microblog. The fact that recently, the singer premiered the song, which author is Alexey. The singer warmly thanked Vorobyov for his work, at the same time telling about how wonderful he is.

“There are songs that are as much as 5 years. This — its a long story, I just love her because she is very sincere. Thank you, superhuman Alexei Vorobyov, that you wrote it for me. I hope it will find its audience! And I still don’t understand how you can be a musician, dancer, singer, figure skater, actor, Director, composer and just a good person at the same time!” — posted by Victoria.

Revelation Dayneko has provoked a wave of rumors that the romance between former lovers can be renewed with a new force. Last week it became known that the singer broke up with her husband Dmitry Kleiman. In addition, and heart of Alex recently free. But Victoria the possibility of restoring relations with Vorobyov denied.

“Maybe you’d be surprised, but we are already 5 years since they broke up and no changes are anticipated. Really the people who are parting, can’t just communicate well and write songs?” she asked followers.

We will remind that Victoria is not yet talks about the reasons of rupture of relations with her husband. Perhaps the couple had a crisis and separation in different apartments of a temporary nature. In any case, fans hope that Dayneko and Kleiman will try to establish relations for the common little daughter.