Виктория Дайнеко напугала поклонников забинтованными руками
Singer forced to hide your fingers from others.

Victoria Dayneko

Photo: @victoriadaineko Instgram Victoria Dayneko

Victoria Daineko recently published picture, which appeared with bandaged hands. Fans bombarded the singer with questions about what motivated her to appear like this in public. Without waiting for a response, the fans began to build the original theory, starting from a botched tattoo on the hands and fingers and ending with dangerous infections of the skin. As a result, 29-year-old singer was forced to explain to subscribers the need of armbands.

It turned out that Victoria was manifested sudden Allergy. Though the exact cause of the rash Dayneko install failed. “I have no idea how ate something extra…” said Daineko. Incidentally, many fans speculated that struck the hand of the artist Allergy a complication after undergoing a Victoria flu. The illness ruined the singer’s plans, but she stayed home and canceled all upcoming events. By the way, Dayneko advised the followers to follow her example and not to infect others.

“Of course, I miss the naivety, but still I dream that people who feel sick sat at home and did not go anywhere. The. Not infecting everyone around himself including innocent children and pregnant women. Can you not even write about what’s more important to make money than your health and that of others. I just dream today that people were more careful…” — said Victoria.