Виктория Дайнеко сделала откровенное признание
The singer surprised fans with his statement.

Victoria Dayneko


Fans are well aware that Cheryl Cole is going through
in these tough times. The husband and the father of her daughter Dmitry filed for divorce. But the singer does not
tells fans about the difficulties in his personal life, on the contrary, it all
ways wants to show that he can live without a loved one, without a strong male
shoulder that she can handle it. “You can live without love, but without the tea
not at all,” — wrote in his Instagram Victoria.

By the way, health is Victoria Daineko recently as
practice shows, leaves much to be desired. More recently, the singer struggled with
a dangerous virus which has picked up while on vacation with my daughter in Alsace, and yesterday the actress altogether unexpectedly, she fainted.

The incident occurred with the singer in the city of Kostanay.
Victoria has just passed the passport control at the moment when he lost
consciousness. Fortunately, during the fall Dayneko not received a serious injury —
one of her assistants was there. The singer was carried out of the airport building at
the street and called an ambulance. Medical staff quickly returned to Victoria in

“Woke up on my knees on the street and hand massage…
Stunning pressure 70/60 today added drama at the border control
at exactly the moment when I passed passport control and fell down in a swoon.
It’s good to have a male shoulder to lean and not break
the head in the fall. Soon, of course, wanted to take me to the hospital, but I’m not leaving
their friends who come to the concert today. The pressure lifted, ate
sweet. And now I will not sleep…” — said the singer. Fans much
worried for the health of stars, recently she was suspected of anorexia, but the
Victoria denied this information.