Cheryl Cole is outraged by the secret statement of the husband about the divorce

Виктория Дайнеко возмущена тайным заявлением мужа о разводе The singer learned of the impending divorce from journalists. Cheryl Cole claims that Dmitry Kleiman has not informed her about his decision. The star did not expect such a turn of events.
Виктория Дайнеко возмущена тайным заявлением мужа о разводе

On the eve of “StarHit” reported that the husband of Victoria Dayneko, Dmitry Kleiman filed a petition for divorce. Kuntsevsky court of Moscow will consider the case. It turned out that Victoria herself was not aware of the plans of the father of their child. The actress is now with her daughter in France, but follow the news on the Internet.

Laying frame in a bright dress with Darts in the form of hearts, glued to her face, Dayneko commented on the situation with the upcoming divorce.

“The rumor is that Vick will soon be officially available! Thank you to the journalists that reported! And now the man was crushed, for half of the month couldn’t report that documents filed in court. Would never have come to court in a wedding dress,” wrote the star post next to the photo.

Fans of the actress were surprised by the act of Kleiman. “Don’t know what journalists say, but, sorry, the father of your daughter is not a bird of your flight! You deserve the best, not this kid”, “Road cleared for a wonderful future!”, “Vic, I’m so sorry! Don’t know what happened to you” – supported the singer fans.

Earlier Dayneko hinted that their marriage ended due to infidelity Dmitry. According to the artist, the husband was flirting with her close friend. Since early spring of this year, spouses have not lived together. Victoria is surprised that the divorce knew even familiar Kleiman.

Виктория Дайнеко возмущена тайным заявлением мужа о разводе“All, apparently, was aware of except me”, – says the singer.

Friends of the drummer saying that he needs to look to the future, so it’s best to break off a painful relationship with the ex-participant of “factory of stars”. Despite the situation, he tries often to see my daughter.

“She has both parents, and we will do everything possible to save their daughter in no way needed and often smiled, said Kleiman with “StarHit”. I love to play with my Princess, reading her stories, we often watch cartoons together. Very upset when my daughter gets sick or is crying, terribly, if a long time not seeing her… I visit her regularly at mom’s”.