Cheryl Cole is outraged by the blatant lies of the ex-spouse

Виктория Дайнеко возмущена наглой ложью экс-супруга The singer has put forward his version of events. After the divorce, Cheryl Cole and Dmitry Kleiman often exchanged mutual accusations. The man says that ex-wife not always willing to make concessions for the sake of his communication with his daughter.
Виктория Дайнеко возмущена наглой ложью экс-супруга

In mid-September singer Victoria Dayneko officially divorced with drummer Dmitry Kleiman. The former spouses is growing two year old daughter Lydia. Despite the fact that parents try to do everything for the happiness of a beloved child, in a television programme the audience – his parents saw his granddaughter. Besides, Victoria is reluctant to concessions and to prevent their meetings. Dayneko hastened to tell the fans his version of what happens in the relationship with the ex-spouse. Victoria Dayneko does not allow parents ex-husband to see his daughter

“It’s strange when fathers who spend 10 thousand rubles a month for child support beloved child and find a convenient time to meet once in two months, tell such inadequate absurdities on camera. I would have been at least embarrassing. The case when the desire is always the possibility, and in his absence – a million excuses… Yes, and for the Mat thanks to his mother’s beloved child. Once everything falls into place – who is who, and why everything is so” — confessed the actress in the microblog.

In early October, little Lydia was two years old. According to Dmitry, he was able to give the baby a gift and chat with her for a while.

Discord with a spouse Dayneko explained by the fact that between them there was a home-wrecker. Victoria complained to subscribers that trusted friend, who supposedly betrayed her. However, she believes that the artist just doesn’t want to tell the truth, and therefore “wrote” this story. The former friend is happily married, so she even in thoughts was not to steal other people’s lovers. Woman, “razluchnitsa” Victoria Dayneko husband, accusing her of slander

“Decided to make me a home wrecker. Although the hint of it was not. I to Dima always treated as a younger brother. And when he began to see Vick with another of her hand, bring communication to a minimum. Instead once I call or email, she was publicly slandered me. Very unpleasant. In addition, blocked all social media. A hysterical person can shift the responsibility for events on other people, but essentially it does not change,” admitted “StarHit” Ksenia.