Cheryl Cole is on the verge of a nervous breakdown

Виктория Дайнеко находится на грани нервного срыва The singer can’t cope with his troubles. Cheryl Cole has admitted that is in a state of shock. After parting with her husband the singer has to cope with the challenges of the every day puts in front of her life.

Singer Victoria Dayneko, still experiencing a recent breakup with her husband, musician Dmitry Kleiman admits that sometimes comes to despair due to the fact that she has to solve a lot of problems.

Not long ago, Victoria had to part with another nurse daughter. And now the singer is forced to take the child with her, because records and concerts, she has not been canceled. Plus, may 12, Dayneko will be 30 years old, and of course, she wants to celebrate this event. In short, the singer confessed to fans that she is in a state of shock due to leaning on it all problems at once. And for help she, apparently, does not apply to anyone. Victoria Dayneko is very nervous and even makeup can’t hide the dark circles under her eyes, which are most likely caused by a chronic lack of sleep.

“In short. There is no glamor in the photo. The Mama Panda and fasten not able to paint over the bruises. And no. They are not because I once again left without a nanny million on the eve of important events, and in shock. But because now it burns with a blue flame, and I’m in even more shock…

…No help, no problem, will come to the assistance. Will need the apartment is large, while it also is not. Birthday on Friday now hangs in the balance, and nothing that 65 people have confirmed their presence, and someone special on this day flying to the other end of the planet, and someone did, and left Moscow for me. Thanks to some people for such a beautiful anniversary gift, I think. There is an option, of course, that all will magically grow to this Friday, but I doubt it. Drink chamomile tea and wait for a miracle. Still celebrating, and nobody wants to solve my questions” – emotionally wrote about the accumulated problems Dayneko.

Members of the singer supported her in the comments, and some even suggested that the star of his help. They believe that the Blues will pass, and Victoria will be able to cope with everything, it is no wonder that she was given such a winning name.

We will remind, the singer herself announced she and her husband split in March of this year, although rumors about the separation pair went for a long time. In an exclusive interview with “StarHit” the former spouse Victoria Dayneko, Dmitry Kleiman said that the main thing for them now is to be good parents for the little daughter Lydia. Husband of Victoria Daineko for the first time after a breakup: “I’m really missing your daughter”

“She has mom and dad, and we will do everything possible to save their daughter in no way needed and often smiled – shared Kleiman. I love to play with my little Princess, reading her stories, we often watch cartoons together”.