Cheryl Cole has hinted at the betrayal of the father of her child

Виктория Дайнеко намекнула на измену отца ее ребенка The singer says that the woman should rely only on itself. Victoria Dayneko not recognized why there was a rift in her family. However, apparently, she had lost confidence in Mr Kleiman.

      For several weeks the public is actively discussing the separation of Victoria Dayneko and Mr Kleiman. The couple decided to live separately. Fans of the actress are waiting for that husband and wife still reconciled. However, the celebrity is ready for the worst eventuality. Yet the young woman had made it clear that they had not filed a petition for divorce.

      “I have a passport, there is still a stamp about marriage. Everything else is nobody’s business,” – said Daineko reporters.

      Many are wondering what caused the breakup of the couple. Despite the age difference, Dmitry and Victoria looked really happy. Spouse of the singer noted that he did not want to speak frankly about problems in the relationship with Dayneko. Yet, the musician moved to live separately and enjoy parties with friends. Husband of Victoria Daineko about divorce: “Not going to fix anything”

      Victoria believes that women always have to rely only on herself, to be whole and independent. The singer hinted that her partner found a new passion.

      “Today you like, you have everything, and tomorrow a man will meet another and you lose everything. I have seen such moments in life when the girl was left with two children and was forced to exist on a dime. Since childhood, I understood: no matter how developed my family life, I must be independent!” – shared Daineko.

      The artist tries to give more time to raising her daughter, she had to arrange a little vacation. A few days spent in Victoria hotel. The star moved into a luxury hotel in the center of Moscow together with the child, as it passed the house renovations. According to BC, it felt like a real tourist and enjoy the sightseeing of the capital. Despite the fact that the singer has a nanny, she’s not ready to permanently leave the heiress.

      “I’m three hours away from home can’t survive, how’s my little girl. In General, it is difficult to judge what is good and what is bad. If a woman can provide for his family and leave the child a strange woman, and her father, then that’s probably OK. I know in the West, such things are very common. But I couldn’t do it!” – admitted Victoria