Cheryl Cole has found new love after the divorce

Виктория Дайнеко нашла новую любовь после развода Recently, well-known singer gathered the closest people to the party, which was held in the chic Metropolitan hotel. Victoria Daineko and her friends took pictures, tasted the delicious desserts and talked heart to heart. As it turned out, the celebration was attended by the boyfriend of the actress.
Виктория Дайнеко нашла новую любовь после развода

12 may Dayneko celebrated the birthday. The singer turned 31. For this reason over the weekend a graduate of the fifth “American idol” threw a party in one of the luxurious hotels located in the center of Moscow.

Congratulate her came her friends, including singer Julia Parshuta and Sasha Balakireva, actress Valeria Kozhevnikov, businesswoman Xenia Bausheva and skeleton racer Elena Nikitina. Joyful Victoria never ceased to take a warm wishes and gifts.

“There is good, bad, good. Not there cute, beautiful, evil. There are only two types of people, not more: your man and man is not yours. Happy birthday! My man” – wrote the athlete Elena Nikitina in social networks.
Виктория Дайнеко нашла новую любовь после развода

In turn, the actress Valeria Kozhevnikov wrote that he was glad to meet with singer. “Beautiful mother, a talented singer, sincere, kind man!” – shared girlfriend Daineko in the microblog. Valeria was hoping to have some fun at the party Victoria, and her expectations were met. Girlfriend of the singer tasted the desserts and tattled on the bachelorette party.

“Girls sometimes useful to be in girl’s world, even if you’re goth. Thank you Vic for this opportunity and once again happy birthday! Be happy!” asked a friend of mine and participant in fifth season of “American idol” Sasha Balakirev.
Виктория Дайнеко нашла новую любовь после развода

Victoria herself, it seems, with humor about his age. “And again 18! That is 31” – told it to Instagram. The next morning Daineko and her friends were eating Breakfast prepared by the culinary team in a luxury hotel. The artist wrote that he was very happy to spend time in wonderful company.

How did you find the journalists, the party was attended by not only girlfriend Victoria Daineko. Among the guests were singer and her lover. The actress is in no hurry to shed light on a new novel, believing that happiness loves silence. According Peopletalk, young people together not so long ago. Elect Victoria far from the sphere of show business.

Later Dayneko indirectly confirmed the information that is in a relationship. In storis star was photographed with her alleged night date. In the picture, the actress spends time with her lover, while his face, she chose not to show it.

Recall that in September last year, Cheryl Cole divorced her drummer Dmitry Clement after three years together. Young people have a daughter together.